IonFilter C-700 Direct Flow Commercial RO System 600 GPD | 5-Stage

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    Direct Flow

    Flow 1.6 l/min

    Under the sink


    The C-700 RO is a state-of-the-art, high performance Direct Flow (Tankless) tankless water purification system with 5-stage filtration, reverse osmosis membrane and a powerful booster pump designed for use in Ho.Re.Ca. the industry. Connects directly to cold water from the water supply network. The system uses GreenFilter filters - NSF certified and some of the best in this class. Provides a steady stream of clean, fresh and delicious water.

    The C-700 RO is equipped with a dual inlet diaphragm (Dual Flow) with a capacity of up to 2280 l / day and a powerful booster pump providing a pressure of up to 100 PSI, which allows the system to function normally in areas with volatile or problematic pressure in the central water supply network. The ratio of purified / discarded water is 1: 1.

    It can be used with water sources below 25 Psi and has an inlet pressure gauge.


    The C-700 is a compact system with a stylish design and convenient for use with a large amount of purified water: in hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, sports halls, children's schools.

    The C-700 can be equipped with an additional tank of 8 to 100 liters.

    And if you don't want a second faucet on the kitchen sink, you can use the elegant Metal Free 3 Way Faucets.
    Description and functionality:

    • Powerful booster pump Uprigth for high performance even at low inlet pressure
    • Productivity: up to 2280 l / day or 95 l / h (600 GPD).
    • 24V DC solenoid valve
    • Automatic Start / Stop
    • FDA approved polypropylene filter housings
    • Metal construction with quality finish and stainless steel screws
    • Low inlet pressure sensor (<7 PSI) - protects the pump from dry operation in the absence of inlet pressure
    • High pressure sensor with adjustment (20 ~ 40 PSI)
    • Flow limiter (SS stainless steel) of diaphragm waste water
    • SS stainless steel check valve at the outlet for waste water from the diaphragm
    • Low power consumption at work: max. 50 W
    • 100% factory tested and sterilized, fully ready for installation
    • Certificates: CE, UNE 149101
    • Quality guaranteed by IonFilter | Puricom Europe (WATER LOGISTICS GROUP), Spain
    Description of filtration :
    Stage 1 : Sediment Filter 5 micron
    5 micron sediment filter. Removes large particles larger than 5 microns in size, rust, moth. Made of 100% pure polypropylene fibers.
    Useful life: 6 months

    Stage 2 : GAC Carbon Filter GreenFilter
    Carbon filter. Removes up to 99% of chlorine and organic chemicals, odors, organic pollutants, pesticides and herbicides. Made of granular activated carbon. Improves the taste of water.
    Service life: 6 months
    Stage 3 : CTO Carbon Filter GreenFilter
    Carbon filter. The unique structure of these filters allows chemical adsorption of chlorine and dissolved chemicals and enhances the taste and odor of water. Eliminates chlorine, bad odors, organic pollutants, pesticides, herbicides and improves the taste of water. Made of activated granulated activated carbon coconut shell carbon. Service life: 6 months
    Stage 4 : RO Membrane 600 GPD GreenFilter 
    Semi-permeable membrane composed of thin layers of composite film (TFC) capable of processing up to 2280 liters per day. It mechanically removes lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrites, nitrates, selenium and over 99% of the bacteria. NSF certified. Service life: 24 ~ 36 months
    Stage 5 : Post Carbon Remineralizer Filter GreenFilter
    Carbon filter containing Activated Carbon, calcium and magnesium (40% Calcite, 20% Corosex, 40% Carbon). Adsorbs chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, sodium, asbestos, lead, benzene, radon, dissolved trichloromethane compounds, volatile organic chemicals (such as pesticides and herbicides) and many other organic chemicals. Eliminates bad odors and improves water taste. Mineralizes purified water. Service life: 6 months
    Reduction of salts and other substances from the RO membrane:
    Inorganic Elements / Compounds

    Sodium 90-95%
    Calcium 93-98%
    Magnesium 93-98%
    Aluminum 93-98%
    Copper 93-98%
    Nickel 93-98%
    Zinc 93-98%
    Fluoride 90-95%
    Barium 93-98%
    Carbonates 93-98%
    Chlorine 90-95%
    Bicarbonates 93-98%
    Nitrates 45-55%
    Phosphates 93-98%
    Fluoride 93-98%
    Cyanide 90-95%
    Sulphates 90-95%
    Organic Elements / Compounds
    Humic acids 98%
    Glucose 98-99%
    Acetone 70%
    Isopropanol 90%
    Ethyl gasoline 71%
    Ethylphenol 84%
    Tetrachloroethylene 68-80%
    Urea 70%
    1,2,4 Trichlorobenzene 96%
    1,1,1, Trichloroethane 98%

    The C-700 RO comes with all the necessary components for installation:

    • Chrome metal connector for connection to plumbing (M3/8" x F3/8" x 3/8"Tube)
    • M1 / ​​4 ”xTube1 / 4” metal faucet for connection to the metal connector
    • Drain discharge bracket Ф40 x 1/4 "Tube
    • 3/8" and 1/4" LLDPE pipes for system connections
    • Installation and operating instructions
    Crystal Water C-700 water purification systems are designed to filter only cold drinking water from the water mains!
    Certificates :


    The IonFilter quality system for the production and installation of water treatment equipment is certified and compliant with UNE-ISO-9001

    IonFilter (B-60326279) is a partner of Aqua Espana | Aqua Europa
    IonFilter is a member of the Water Quality Association (B-60326279)

    Water source Tap water
    Cold Water No
    Hot Water No
    Filtration 5
    RO Membrane 600 GPD GreenFilter
    Booster Pump Flow: 2 LPM - 0.52 GPM / 3 bar - 45 PSI; Max. working pressure: 8 bar - 120 PSI; Power supply for the motor: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz; 24 Vdc, 5A, 120W ; Max. consumption: 50 W
    Advantages and Functionality
    Specification • Tankless (Direct Flow) • RO Membrane Green Filter Type 30-13 600 GPD •100% factory tested and sterilized • Built-in pressure gauge  • Low Inlet Pressure Sensor • High Pressure Sensor • Automatic Start / Stop • Manufactured by NSF Certified Components • Green Filter Filters • High Performance Diaphragm pump • Diaphragm Flush Crane • Flow restrictor 0.5 LPM; • Certificates: CE; UNE149101 • Option to include additional tank
    Stage 1 Sediment Filter 5 micron Green Filter; Service life: 6 months
    Stage 2 GAC Carbon Filter 9 3/4" Green Filter code; Service life: 6 months
    Stage 3 BLOCK carbon filter 9 3/4" Green Filter; Service life: 6 months
    Stage 4 RO membrane Type TFC 30-13 GreenFilter 600 GPD (2280 L/Day); Service life: 24~ 36 months (<15 ºHF, < 250 ppm./ 25ºC)
    Stage 5 Post Carbon Remineralizer Filter GreenFilter; Service life 12 months
    Dimensions 36.0 cm / 21.0 cm / 47.0 cm
    Weight 12 кg
    Reservoir capacity Tankless (Direct Flow)
    Еnergy consumption 50 W max.
    Productivity 600 GPD (2280 L/Day)
    Inlet pressure 1 ~ 6 kg/cm2
    Inlet Water Temperature 4 ~ 40 °С
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    certifications CE, UNE149101
    Origin Spain
    Guarantee 2 years
    Manufacturer IonFilter

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