Anton Black|25м²|Stadler Form

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    Room size 25 m²

    Aroma Diffuser

    Swiss Design


    The humidifier with good taste!

    A little chap with a great performance – that’s Anton! Although you would scarcely notice him thanks to his small dimensions, room sizes of up to 25 m2 (63 m3) are a breeze for him.

    As an ultrasonic humidifier in highly resistant material, Anton can even distribute your favourite fragrance to perfection in the room.

    To ensure that Anton leaves no traces behind even with high mineral content of the water, he can optionally be equipped with an Anticalc Cartridge.

    The Water Cube™ ensures hygienic humidification.  

    His simple operating buttons are concealed on the underside. Another elegant touch is provided by the LED water level indicator which turns red when the tank is empty.

    The removable water tank can be refilled during operation. The illuminated water level indicator can be dimmed or switched off completely to prevent your well-deserved moments of relaxation from being disturbed. Anton will transform any room into a cosy oasis of calm. 

    Attention! Aromatic oils containing alcohol and water treated with softening systems should not be used. Use tap water or a reverse osmosis water purification system.  


    • • Room size 25 m2 / 63 m3
    • • Ultrasonic technology
    • • Noise level 28.5-30 dB(A)
    • • Productivity 170 ml/h
    • • Night mode
    • • Infinitely adjustable humidification
    • • Automatic shut-off when the tank is empty
    • • Water level indicator
    • • Intense fragrancing with choice of aroma
    • • Water tank capacity 2.5 l
    • • Bacterial filter Water Cube™
    • • Power consumption 12 W
    • • Dimensions 184 x 262 x 184 mm
    • • Weight 1.9 kg
    • • Designed in Switzerland
    • • Designer Matti Walker Zimmerli
    • • Warranty 2 year



    • Bacterial filter Water Cube (Included)
      The Water Cube™ by Stadler Form provides optimal hygiene in your air humidifier. It keeps your humidifier running smoothly, extending its lifespan. The Water Cube even works when your appliance is switched off, so the humidifier stays fresh all season long. We recommend replacing the Water Cube at the start of the humidifier season.
    • Cleaner&Descaler (Option)
      Stadler Form Cleaner & Descaler has been specially developed for cleaning and decalcifying humidifiers. It is easy to use, gentle on materials, odorless and quick and thorough. The product is biodegradable. To ensure better hygiene and longer life of the humidifier, we recommend regular use. After use, the device is hygienically clean and immediately ready for use. The Stadler Form Cleaner & Descaler is developed and produced by Durgol®, the Swiss original against limescale.
    • Anticalc cartridge (Option)
      Avoids white dust produced by ultrasonic systems. Makes hard water soft. Effective for one to three months, depending on water hardness.


    • Relative humidity between 40% and 60% creates a healthy and comfortable climate, which allows you to breathe freely, feel calmer, more energetic and with increased ability to concentrate.  
    • The benefits of optimal humidity are many:
    • • Calm, deep and relaxing sleep
    • Lower risk of catching the flu
    • Lower levels of dust - ideal for allergy sufferers
    • No dryness in the eyes, sinuses and skin


      • Along with the main humidification function, Ben can also flavor the air. This is the most convenient way of home aromatherapy, which can be not only pleasant but also useful: for example, oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, cedar and other conifers are known for their healing properties. To fill the air with the desired aroma, you just need to add a few drops of aromatic oil in the tank.


    • Relax: releases tension and has a calming effect
      Ingredients: cedar oil, lavender oil, rose oil, etc.
    • Revive: brings freshness and has a warming effect
    • Ingredients: pine oil, juniper needle oil, citrus oil, etc.
    • Recharge: has an invigorating and calming effect on the body
      Ingredients: Siberian fir oil, etc.
    • Relief: alleviates cold symptoms and has a strengthening effect.
      Ingredients: eucalyptus oil, etc.


    Stadler Form products have won many awards for design and the combination of aesthetics, functionality, usability and quality.


    MoMa|The Museum of Modern Art

    New York

    The German Design Awards


    Filtration Bacterail filter Water Cube™ (Included) Anticalc cartridge (Option), Cleaner&Descaler (Option)
    Room Size (Up To) 25 sq.m.
    Sound Level 28.5 – 30 dB(A)
    Advantages and Functionality
    Specification • Ultrasonic Technology • Quiet operation 28.5 – 30 dB(A) • Output (Up to): 170 ml/h • Tank capacity: 2.5 liter • Power consumption 12 W • Bacterail filter Water Cube™ • Automatic shut-off • Designed in Switzerland
    Technology Ultrasonic
    Dimensions 18.4 x 26.2 x 18.4 сm
    Weight 1.9 kg
    Еnergy consumption 12 W
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    certifications CE / WEE / RoHS / EAC
    Guarantee 2 years
    Manufacturer Stadel Form (Switzerland)

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