Delivery metods

1. The Seller delivers the ordered products online through the courier company Speedy at the address specified by the Client or at the office specified by the Client of the courier company. The Clientr can pick up the goods from the store without paying a delivery fee.

2. The seller shall deliver the products only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

3. The products sold are accompanied by the necessary documents and original packaging.

4. Delivery time is usually:

● For products with “In Stock” status: 1 to 2 business days;

● For custom products, depending on the manufacturer: 20 to 90 business days from the date of order,

● For products with “Expected Delivery” status, depending on the manufacturer of the product: no more than 30 working days from the date of order.

The deadline shall be specified after a request made by the Client. If the product cannot be delivered, Savio Ltd. undertakes to inform the Client.

5. The details regarding the delivery times of the products are indicative and the Seller is not bound by them for the delivery on a specific date. The customer is not entitled to any compensation in case of delayed delivery.

6. Upon delivery by courier on the day of delivery, the Client receives an SMS message from the courier that he has a shipment to receive. If the Client is not found on the agreed day and place and there is no other person to accept the shipment for him, the courier leaves the sticker that he has visited the address and contact details. The consignment returns to the courier's office upon request. If the Client does not contact the Seller or the courier company the next day, the order is considered canceled.

7. The client has the opportunity to open and review the contents of the shipment before paying to the courier.

8. Employee of Savio Ltd. or a representative of the courier company shall notify the Client by telephone or email if unforeseen circumstances prevent the timely delivery.

9. The Customer must inspect the product at the time of delivery and delivery by the Seller or the courier and in case of any inconsistencies with the order, notify the Seller immediately.

10. The risk of loss or damage of purchased products passes to the Client at the moment when the Client or a third party designated by him, other than the one chosen by Savio Ltd courier company accepts the products.

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