Essential Oil Revive 10ml|Stadler Form

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    Manufactured in Switzerland

    100% pure essential oil



    Revive-100% Pure Essential Oil Blended in the Switzerland


    Air filled with a fine, gentle and refreshing aroma of limone and pine.


    Revive brings freshness and has a warming effect.

    Pure essential oil with the blend Revive creates a pleasant interior fragrance – it smells pleasantly of pine and slightly tart.

    The essential oils are manufactured from high-quality plant essences by fragrance specialists in Switzerland and hand-bottled by the TRANSfair Foundation.

    The oils originate from ecologically sustainable production, are not tested on animals and contain no synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens.

    • • Made from high quality natural ingredients

    • • Ingredients: limonene, pine oil etc.

    • • 100% pure essential oil for ambient fragrancing

    • • Ideal for aroma diffusers and humidifiers

    • • Does not contain synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens

    • • Dosage 2-3 drops

    • • Made in Switzerland

    • • Hand-bottled in Switzerland

    • • Packaging: 10 ml glass bottle

    Dimensions 22 x 69 x 22 mm
    Packing Dimensions 45 x 80 x 45 mm
    Weight 0.3 kg
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    certifications CE
    Origin Switzerland
    Manufacturer Stadel Form

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