FilterMax Basic 3/4 "automatic cleaning filter, 40 micron, 4200 L / h, kit

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    FilterMax Basic Automatic Filter KitHousing Material: FD..

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    FilterMax Basic Automatic Filter Kit
    Housing Material: FDA approved polypropylene
    Filter Material: Stainless steel
    Filtration: 40 micron
    Maximum operating temperature: 40ºC
    Max flow: 4200 L / h (3.78 L / min)
    Min working pressure: 1 bar
    Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
    Connection size: M3 / 4 "thread (metal)
    Outer diameter: 150 mm
    Height: 300 mm
    Installation: vertical
    Cleaning: Manual valve M 3/8 '(3/8' LDPE pipe)
    Weight: 285 g
    Control gauge: included
    PVC Key: included
    PVC Mounting bracket: included
    Manufacturer: FilterMax | Puricom Europe

    FilterMax Basic automatic filter manufactured by Puricom Europe, Spain.

    Includes a 40 µm stainless steel mechanical filter that holds sand, rust, mulch and other solids dissolved in water.
    The large flow rate (4200 l / h) allows the use of FilterMax Basic to purify the supply water for homes and apartments.
    There is a faucet to clean the filter: when dirty, the faucet opens and the filter is flushed.
    A 3/8 ”pipe can be connected at the outlet of the faucet to drain the water into the sewer.
    The kit includes:
    - pressure gauge for measuring the pressure in the network
    - PVC wall mount bracket
    - PVC key for quick and easy disassembly
    After each replacement, you can adjust the current month's mark - the last replacement marker.


    Product Accessories

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