Post Carbon GAC filter|10”|GreenFilter

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    Carbon filters remove contaminants in the water that give off bad taste, color or odor.
    They remove chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and other organic chemicals and improve the taste of purified water.

    Type: Disposable, encapsulated
    Material: Granular activated carbon (GAC)
    Max. operating temperature: 4ºC ~ 50ºC
    Max. flow rate: 120 LPH (2LPM)
    Max. working pressure: 8.6 bar
    Service life: 5 700 L / 12 months
    Connectivity: ¼ "Quick Change
    Outer diameter: 50 mm
    Height: 265 mm (9 3/4 ”)
    Weight: 250 g
    Manufacturer: Puricom Europe | GreenFilter



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