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    Remineralizer filter

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    GUTZZI is the result of the study, design and manufacturing created by a multidisciplinary team composed of biologists, engineers, designers and private users.

    Puricom  achieved a compact, modern, simple, easy tomaintain and durable equipment.

    GUTZZI, the best way to have pure water at home.

    GUTZZI: Compact reverse osmosis water treatment system with modern and elegant design and intelligent control. A reliable and safe system, the qualities of which meet the highest European quality standards, as endorsed by the WQA's Gold Seal.

    GUTZZI is the result of research, design and production created by a team of biologists, engineers and designers and consumers.

    GUTZZI is the ideal solution for providing clean and fresh drinking water.

    With artistic design, simplified controls, LED indications.

    GUTZZI is a compact water purification system with 4 stages of filtration, reverse osmosis and a built-in tank. Connects directly to cold water from the water supply network.

    The system uses quality NSF certified CS-type Green Filter filters. All CS carbon filters use the highest quality Calgon Carbon Corporation (USA) products and are UNE EN 12915-1 certified.

    GUTZZI is equipped with a bacterial silver post filter.

    GUZZI is stylish and works completely automatically.

    The GUZZI is equipped with a powerful and compact pump that allows the system to function normally in areas with hesitant or problematic pressure in the central water supply network. In addition, the pump extends life and increases the efficiency of the membrane and improves the quality of the treated water.

    GUZZI is equipped with an Auto Flush system for automatically flushing the RO membrane.

    GUZZI is easily installed and integrated inside the kitchen cabinets, so it does not affect the design of the kitchen. If you have a refrigerator with a built-in dispenser and / or ice maker, you can easily connect it to purified water from the system.

    Description and functionality:

    » 4-stage reverse osmosis filter system (NSF certificate)

    » Stylish, elegant and ergonomic  design

    » Compact size (only 21.5 cm wide)

    » Daily production of treated water: 285 Liters per day

    » Intelligent electronic front panel control and LED display system with 4 functions

    » Connects directly to cold water from the water supply network

    » The quality of activated carbon used is of the USA company GALGON  (NSF Certified)

    » NSF Certified GreenFilter Reverse Osmosis Membrane

    » Auto Flush - an automatic membrane flushing system that extends its life

    » GreenFilter 75 GPD Reverse Osmosis Encapsulated Membrane (NSF Certified) (285 LPD)

    » Post Carbon Filter, enriched with silver. Certified by the NSF

    » Built-in Stainless steel 8 l ceramic tank (net 5.5 l). ANSI / NSF standard 58

    » Compact and powerful Booster Pump, ensuring normal operation and high performance even at low or unstable mains pressure

    » Water leak sensor with LED indication and electronic lock

    » LED indication for purified water quality

    » Low inlet pressure sensor with LED indication and electronic lock

    »  Warning for replacement of filters with LED Indication and sound signal

    » Built-in self-diagnosis and warning system with LED Indication and beep

    » 100% factory-tested and sterilized, ready for installation

    » Magnetically sealed lid, easy to open and maintain» 

    » Automatic shut-off valve, flow restrictor valve, stainless steel check valve

    » CE certification of electrical appliance parts

    » Comes with all necessary components for installation

    CS FILTERS: Exclusive filters. NSF certified. Maximum hygiene. Encapsulated.

    DIRECT ACCESS: Easy access and maintenance.


    ENCAPSULATED MEMBRANE GREEN FILTER: High quality and performance membrane.

    CLICK: Quick connectors and maximum safety.

    SOLENOID VALVE: Immediate control. Built-in safety mesh.

    PRESSURE CONTROL: Protection against pressure drops in the supply network.

    ELECTRONIC ADAPTER: Higher safety and efficiency.

    AQUASTOP: Automatic leakage sensor.

    FILTER CONTROL: Automatic maintenance warning.

    QUALITY CONTROL: Quality control of water produced.

    SOUND WARNINGS: Acoustic warnings.

    COMPACT PRESSURE PUMP: High performance. Compact design.

    SELF-DIAGNOSTIC: Individual component check for an easiest maintenance.


    Stage 1: CS Sediment Filter 5 microns GreenFilter

    Sediment Filter 5 microns. Removes coarse particles and rust. Made of 100% pure polypropylene fibers. Service life : 6~12 months 

    Stage 2: CS GAC (with NSF Carbon) Filter 1 micron GreenFilter

    Carbon Filter with NSF Calgon. Removes up to 99% of chlorine and organic chemicals, organic pollutants, pesticides and herbicides.

    Made from granular activated carbon manufactured by Calgon Carbon (USA). Improves the taste of water. Service life: 12 months

    Stage 3: RO Membrane 75 GPD GreenFilter

    Semi-permeable membrane connected with  thin layer composite films (TFCs) capable of processing up to 283 liters per day. Mechanical removal of lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrites, nitrates, selenium and over 99% of bacteria. NSF certified.Service life: 24 ~ 36 months

    Stage 4: Remineralizer Post Carbon Filter GreenFilter

    Material:40% Calcite, 20% Corosex, 40% Carbon. Improves taste, eliminates residual chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and other organic chemicals. Service life: 12 months

    GUTZZI are designed to filter only cold drinking tap water!



    CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the Europina Economic Area.

    The UNE 149101 is a Spanish regulation that defines the technical requirements that are required for water conditioning equipment for human consumption inside buildings, whether private or public facilities with or without commercial activity.


    The NSF mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide.  

    Puricom Europe (B64362999) is a member of the Water Quality Association

    Certificate Nº 34/5200/14/0712

    The quality system from Puricom Europe (B64362999) for the trading and assembly of water treatment systems is certified and complies with the UNE-ISO-9001 regulation

    Puricom Europe (B64362999) is a member of Aqua España, which belongs to Aqua Europa (European confederation of trade associations)

    Water source Tap water
    Cold Water No
    Hot Water No
    Filtration 4
    RO Membrane Capsulated type Green Filter 75 GPD (285 L/Day)
    Booster Pump Flow: 1 LPM - 0.26 GPM / 3 bar - 45 PSI; Max. working pressure: 8 bar - 120 PSI; Power supply for the motor: 24 Vdc; Max. consumption: 25 W
    Advantages and Functionality
    Specification • Remineralizer post filter GAC • Capsulated Reverse Osmosis Membrane Green Filter 75 GPD (283 L/Day) • Filter replacement alarm with front panel LED display • Auto Flush system • Water leakage alarm Aqua Stop with front panel LED display • Water quality sensor with front panel LED display • Low/High inlet pressure sensors with front panel LED display • Automatic Start / Stop • NSF certified Calgon Carbon filters • NSF certified components • High Performance Diaphragm pump • Microprocessor control and process control
    Stage 1 CS-Type Sediment Filter Green Filter 5 microns; Service life: 11 360 L / 6 months
    Stage 2 CS-Type GAC NSF Carbon Filter 1 micron GreenFilter; Service life: 8 300 L /12 months
    Stage 3 Capsulated RO Membrane 75 GPD GreenFilter (285 L/Day); Service life: 24 ~ 36 months
    Stage 4 Silver GAC Post Carbon Filter GreenFilter ; Service life: 12 months.
    Dimensions W=21.5 cm / D=41.5 cm / H=41.0 cm
    Weight 10 kg
    Reservoir capacity Ambient water: 8.0 L
    Еnergy consumption 29 W
    Productivity 75 GPD (285 L/Day)
    Inlet pressure 1 ~ 2.5 kg/cm2
    Inlet Water Temperature 4 ~ 38 °С
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    certifications CE, NSF components
    Origin Spain
    Guarantee 2 year
    Manufacturer IonFilter, Spain

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