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    Filtration module FT-Line 2 Silver

    Suitable for domestic use and the catering sector. 

    Two FT filters with 5 µm polypropylene filtration and Silver GAC activated carbon + assembly kit 

    The Ft-Line Siver is an in-line filter system from the Ft-Line modular system. It removes chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and other organic chemicals, improves the taste of purified water and provides anti-bacterial protection.


    ► FT-82 Sediment filter 5 microns

    ► FT-88 Silver NSF Calgon Carbon Filter (GAC) 1 µm: Adsorbs chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, sodium, asbestos, lead, benzene, radon, dissolved trichloro methane compounds, volatile organic chemicals (such as pesticides and herbicides) and many other organic chemicals, which can come into contact with tap water as it flows through the water system. Eliminates bad odors and improves water taste.

    The filter system can be met with a separate spout, installed on the counter and with a Metal Free 3-way faucet Forum or Ares.


    ► Water treatment at home or cafe, restaurant, catering

    ► Water treatment systems

    ► Drinking water treatment

    ► Water treatment for vending machines and coffee machines

    ► Built-in coffee machines

    ► Refrigerators with built-in dispenser and / or ice maker

    ► Steam generators

    ► Steam ovens


    ► Quick change FT-Type filters: continuous operation and easy replacement

    ► Contains Silver + Granular activated NSF Calgon Carbon 

    ► You remove chlorine and your taste

    ► Easy and quick installation

    ► You do not need power

    ► Compact size

    ► Long service life: 12 months

    ► You do not need maintenance

    ► Low backup movie values

    ► The set contains all mounting materials

    ► ASC (Aquaculture Management Board) certificate

    ► CE Certificate


    Type: FT-Type Single-use encapsulated filters

    FT-82 Material: 100% Polypropylene

    FT-88 Material: Silver + NSF CALGON Carbon

    Filtration: 1 Micron

    Max. operating temperature:  38º C
    Min. operating temperature: 2º C 

    Max flow rate: 60 L / h (1 L / min)

    Maximum working pressure: 8.6 bar (125 PSI)

    Service life: 10 000 l / 12 months

    Input TDS (max): <1000 ppm

    Inlet water hardness (max): <250 ppm

    In / Out: 3/8 "Quick Connectors

    Dimensions (W / L / H): 195mm / 75mm / 310mm

    Package size: 275mm / 125mm / 385mm

    Weight: 2.6 kg

    Manufacturer: GreenFilter | Puricom Europe

    Contents of the kit

    FT-82 Sediment filter 5 micron (2.5 "x 9.5) - 1 pc.

    FT-88 GAC CALGON Carbon (2.5 "x 9.5) –1 pc.

    FT-type filter head - 2 pcs.

    Flow limiter 1 liter / min – 1 pc.

    Quick Connectors 3/8 "- 2 pcs.

    Metal mounting bracket – 1 pc.

    Fixing screws – 2 pcs.

    Not included: spout, pipe and faucet!





    Water source Tap water
    Filtration Sediment Filter (5 micron) + Silver Granular Activated Carbon (1 micron)
    Advantages and Functionality
    Specification Independent of power supply. Power consumption: 0 W; Filtration: 1 micron; Productivity: 1 liter / minute
    Stage 1 FT-82 Polypropylene Sediment Filter 5 μm. Service life : 6 ~ 12 months. Size: 2.5 "x 9.5
    Stage 2 FT-88 Silver Granular Activated CALGON Carbon (GAC). Service life : 6 ~ 12 months. Size: 2.5 "x 9.5
    Dimensions 19.5 x 7.5 x 31.0
    Packing Dimensions 27.5 x 12.5 x 38.5.5
    Weight 2.5 kg
    Productivity 1 liter / minute (3600 liters / 24 hours)
    Inlet Water Temperature 2 °C ~ 38 °C
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    certifications CE
    Origin Spain
    Manufacturer Puricom Europe

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