The warranty on each of the CrystalWaterBg.com products offered is 2 years except for the filter elements. Upon delivery of any product for which it is applicable, you will receive a warranty card.

The warranty service of the products is carried out at the Crystal Water bg service or at our authorized partner service.

In the event of a problem with the product you purchased, please contact us immediately in any of the ways listed in the contact section.

General Warranty Terms

1. The warranty period of the product starts from the date of purchase.

2. What is covered by the guarantee?

The warranty covers the malfunction of the product due to factory defects or damage to the material. During the warranty period, all costs for repairing the fault (including labor and transportation) will be borne by the seller, except in cases where access to the product does not involve additional costs. Replaced parts become the property of the seller. If service is provided during the warranty period, the warranty period of the product or of the new parts supplied shall not be extended.

Defective components will be replaced free of charge, except as described below.

3.What does the warranty not cover?

· Normal wear and tear;

· Deliberate or negligent damage;

· Damage caused by non-compliance with the operating instructions;

· Incorrect installation, incorrect connection to the electricity or water supply network;

· Damage and damage resulting from operation at an inlet pressure greater than the operating pressure specified in the instructions;

· Damage caused by a chemical or electro-chemical reaction, rust, corrosion, including inlet water levels above the permissible value for the product concerned;

· Damage caused by unusual environmental conditions;

· No consumables are warranted (all parts that can be detached from the main body of the appliance, for example, baths, cables, filters, filter heads, plastic tubes, etc.), all glass, rubber and other fast-wear assemblies subject to accelerated depreciation .

· Visits to a service team without damage;

· For repairs that have not been carried out by our designated service partners or used non-genuine spare parts and consumables;

· Damage caused by transport. If the customer transports the purchased goods himself, the seller shall not be liable for any damages that may occur during the transportation.In cases where the transportation was done by the seller, any damages that occurred during the delivery shall be covered by the seller

· When attempting to repair by unauthorized persons;

· In case of discrepancy between the data in the documents and the article, or when the sticker with the serial number of the product has been removed or damaged (not readable).

· In case of damages due to natural disasters, electric shocks, non-standard supply voltages, damages caused by mechanical damage to the housing of the appliances or their separate units and defects due to non-compliance with transport recommendations.

· In case of damage due to dust, grease, not timely replaced filters, insects and other external influences, mechanical damage to the connecting systems (cables, power supply units, attachments, consumables);

· The appliances accompanying this application are for home use and are unsuitable for commercial use.

· Failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. BE CAREFUL WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE! In case of non-conformity of the capacity of the facility with the operating conditions.

· In the absence of a purchase document, your claim will not be recognized. The guarantee application is a unique document and is not reissuable.

4. The visit of a specialist at the request of the client and no defect or due to established non-compliance with the warranty conditions is paid by the customer.

5. The maximum repair period is 30 (thirty) working days.

6. There is no statutory requirement for a maximum number of repairs to require replacement of the appliance.

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