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Rent Columbia Aqua FC-1300 (UV) Alcaline (Remineralizer) 5 Stage Free Standing Reverse Osmosis System|Cold&Hot Purified Water

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No cost for delivery, installation, maintenance and repa..

No cost for delivery, installation, maintenance and repairs!

» Drink clean, tasty and healthy water

» Cold and hot water is available at all times

» You save money

» Save time on orders and organization

» Save space needed to store plastic gallons

» You are using a certified water purification system from reputable manufacturers

» You help reduce pollution and waste disposal

Cold and hot water in one product!


Columbia Aqua FC-1300 (UV) combines the latest water treatment technologies with the latest innovative features that are reliable, stylish and the perfect choice to keep you hydrated and healthy.

We all strive for a healthier lifestyle, and the Columbia Water Treatment System is all we need.
If you and your family, or work in a busy office, looking for healthy and refreshing clean water, then the Columbia Water Treatment System is the right choice.

The filtration process uses state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology and a remineralization filter. The membrane effectively removes up to 99% of chlorides, nitrates and fluoride and other undesirable elements from drinking water, while a special remineralization filter adds useful minerals that our bodies need.

The Columbia FC-1300  is an inexhaustible source of clean cold and hot water. This is a new generation of systems where all processes are controlled by a microprocessor (choice of water type, security and safety).

With a modern and elegant design in black and white, Columbia is suitable for any modern interior.

The system is equipment with reverse osmosis system and booster pump, thanks to which high productivity is achieved regardless of the pressure in the water supply network.

The Columbia Aqua FC-1300 has a built-in energy-saving system that, depending on light, reduces energy consumption.

The Columbia Aqua FC-1300 uses the latest LED anti-bacterial water treatment technologies.

The selection and pouring of water is facilitated by electronic control.
Cleanliness and hygiene are guaranteed thanks to the concealed spout (no direct access to it).

The front panel is made of anti-bacterial ABS and the side panels are powder coated metal.

The tanks are made of AISI-304 stainless steel.

All this makes this product desirable and suitable for any office.

Easy-to-fill bottles

• 5 stages of filtration

• Reverse Osmosis Membrane 75 GPD (283 L/Day)

Alkaline Remineralizer filter (PH adjuster)

• Microprocessor control and process control

System equipped with germicidal action - 2 pcs. LED UV lamps

•  Security system for hot water to avoid children manipulation. Warning label included.

• Energy saving system (The dispenser detects the ambient light and switch the system to standby mode when it gets dark)

Antibacterial output protector. Replaceable and washable

• Low inlet pressure sensor

• High Performance Diaphragm Booster Pump

• Cold water with a temperature  4 ~ 12 °C

• Hot water with a temperature 80 ~ 85 ºС

• Compressor cooling

Color: white piano lacquer, chrome and black

Large volume of tanks (total 10.5 L )

• Elegant and compact design

• Low power consumption

Heating System:

-->Temperature Control: Bi-metal switch 85ºC

-->Heating Power: 430 W

• Cooling System:

-->Temperature Control: Capillary temperature switch, Settable from 4 ºC to 12 ºC

-->Compressor: LG

-->Compressor Power: 120 W

-->Refrigerant Gas: R134a

Filtration system
① : Sediment Filter GreenFilter 5 microns
Contains polypropylene fibers. It removes coarse particles (over 5 microns), rust, floss. Service life: 6  months

②: GAC Carbon Filter GreenFilter 1micron
Contains granulated activated carbon from coconut shells. It adsorbs chlorine, organic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and improves the taste of water. Service life: 12 months
③: GAC Carbon Filter GreenFilter 1micron
Contains granulated activated carbon from coconut shells. It adsorbs chlorine, organic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and improves the taste of water. Service life: 12 months

: RO Membrane 75 Gallons Per Day GreenFilter Capsulated 

Reverse Osmosis Membrane, made up of thin layers of composite film (TFC), which can purify up to 300 liters per day. It mechanically removes lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrites, nitrates, selenium and over 99% of bacteria. Service life: 24 ~ 36 months

: Alcaline Post Carbon Remineralizer (Ph adjuster) Filter GreenFilter
Carbon filter containing Activated Carbon, calcium and magnesium (40% Calcite, 20% Corosex, 40% Carbon). It absorbs chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, sodium, asbestos, lead, benzene, radon, dissolved trichloromethane compounds, volatile organic chemicals (such as pesticides and herbicides) and many other organic chemicals. Eliminates bad odors and improves water taste. Mineralizes purified water. Service life: 12 months



Water source Tap water
Cold Water Yes, Cooling capacity 6 L /h, 4 ̊C - 12 ̊C
Hot Water Yes, Heating capacity 7 L /h, 80 ̊C - 85 ̊C
Ambient water No
Filtration 5
RO Membrane 75 GPD (283 л/ден) Green Filter
Booster Pump Flow: 1 LPM ; Max. working pressure: 8 bar (120 PSI); Power supply for the motor: 24 Vdc; Max. consumption: 28 W
Advantages and Functionality
Specification Free standing water dispenser with Reverse Osmosis System for cold, hot and warm water, operation indicator, brightness sensor and multifunction button -> • Cold and Hot water • Eco-sensor of luminosity to activate the energy saving system at night • Security system for hot water • 2 pcs. LED UV lamps at the cold water tank • Pressure Systems: Booster pump 24 VDC • Cooling Capacity: 6 l/h • Heating Capacity: 7 l/h • RO Water Production: 12.5 l/h • Total Storage: 10.5 Liters • Cold Water Storage: 7.5 liters • Hot Water Storage: 3 Liters • Power Supply: 220 VAC–240 VAC/50 Hz • Cabinet made of ABS •Side panels made of iron with baked-on paint finish • Cold water tanks made of AISI-304 stainless steel with double floating valve andair suction filter • Hot water tank made of AISI-304 stainless steel • Removable nozzle system to replace or sanitize comfortably • Hot Temperature Control: Safety hot water thermostat, Bi-metal switch • Adjustable cold water thermostat : Cold temperature Control: Capillary temperature switch Settable 4 ºC to 12 ºC • Compressor: LG • Compressor Power: 120 W • Refrigerant Gas: R134a
Stage 1 Sediment Filter 5 μm 2.5'x11.5'GreenFilter (Code: 243200)
Stage 2 Pre Carbon GAC Filters 2.5'x11.5' GreenFilter (Code: 243300)
Stage 3 Pre Carbon GAC Filters 2.5'x11.5' GreenFilter (Code: 243300)
Stage 4 Ro Membrane 75 GPD Capsulated GreenFilter; Service life: 24-36 months (Code: 717702)
Stage 5 Alcaline Remineralizer Post Filter 2.5'x11.5' GreenFilter; Servise life: 12 months (Code: 243406)
Dimensions (W/D/H) 38.0 cm / 43.0 cm / 120.5 cm
Weight 28 kg
Reservoir capacity •Total: 10.5 L • Cold: 7.5 L • Hot: 3 L
Еnergy consumption Cooling (compressor): 120W; Heating: 430 W
Productivity 283 L/day
Inlet pressure 2-7 bar
Inlet Water Temperature 5 ~ 38°C
Certificates, Origin, Warranty
certifications CE, UNE 149101
Origin Spain
Manufacturer Puricom Europe

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