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Laguna 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis (Cold&Hot&Ambient pure water)

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    Crystal Water Laguna: Cold, hot and room temperature wat..

    Crystal Water Laguna: Cold, hot and room temperature water in one product!


    Water purifying system with 5 stages of filtration (reverse osmosis), meeting the most strict NSF / ANSI 42, 53 and 58 standards for reducing chlorine, pentavalent arsenic, barium, Radium 226/228, cadmium , hexavalent chromium, trivalent chromium, lead, copper, selenium and TDS

    »WQA Certification NSF / ANSI 42 · 53 · 58

    »Electronic controls to prevent overfilling, overheating or overcooling

    »Lock function (for hot water) - children and the elderly use the system safely

    »Green Filter Carbon Filters UNE 149101 certified

    »Front panel LED display for cold and hot water temperatures

    »Cold water and room temperature from one facet

    »Compact size (only 26 cm wide)

    »Large volume of tanks (12 l)

    »Design: piano lacquer, white and black

    »Removable inner tank for easy cleaning

    »Anti-bacterial ceramic filter

    »Booster Pump

    Super slim design 

    Preventing burn by hot water

    Detachable corks for easy cleaning 

    Switchable dial for cold/ambient water

    Water temperature LED display

    Improving energy efficiency

     Step 1+2: Sediment & Precarbon Combined Filter 

    Removes coarse particles, rust, chlorine, organic chemicals, odors, organic pollutants, pesticides and herbicides. Made of polypropylene fibers and granular activated carbon. Certificate UNE 149101. Useful life: 6-12 months

     Step 3: RO Membrane 75 Gallons per Day

    Reverse Osmosis Membrane, made up of thin layers of composite film (TFC), which can purify up to 283 liters per day. It mechanically removes lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrites, nitrates, selenium and over 99% of bacteria. NSF / ANSI certificate 58. Useful life: 24 months

     Step 4: Post Carbon Fine Filter 

    Improves the taste of water and eliminates any residual odors. Made of activated carbon. Certificate UNE 149101. Useful life: 18 months

     Step 5: Anti-Bacterial Ceramic Filter

    Anti-bacterial protection of the purified water in the tanks

    High Efficiency RO Membrane Filter system

    that Extracts Fresh and Natural water

    »3-type Water Option: Cold, hot and room temperature

    »High Efficiency RO Membrane Filter System

    »Anti Bacterial Cearmic Filter

    »Over Heating Sensor

    »Child Lock: Childless Lock - Hot Water Lock

    »Air Tight Tank: Removable airtight inner tank for easy cleaning

    »Safety System

    »Carbon Block Filtration

    Reduction of salts and other substances from the RO membrane:

    Inorganic Elements / Compounds

    Sodium 90-95%

    Calcium 93-98%

    Magnesium 93-98%

    Aluminum 93-98%

    Copper 93-98%

    Nickel 93-98%

    Zinc 93-98%

    Fluoride 90-95%

    Barium 93-98%

    Carbonates 93-98%

    Chlorine 90-95%

    Bicarbonates 93-98%

    Nitrates 45-55%

    Phosphates 93-98%

    Fluoride 93-98%

    Cyanide 90-95%

    Sulphates 90-95%

    Organic Elements / Compounds

    Humic acids 98%

    Glucose 98-99%

    Acetone 70%

    Isopropanol 90%

    Ethyl gasoline 71%

    Ethylphenol 84%

    Tetrachloroethylene 68-80%

    Urea 70%

    1,2,4 Trichlorobenzene 96%

    1,1,1, Trichloroethane 98%

    Crystal Water Laguna Water Purification Systems are intended to filter only cold drinking water from the water supply network!

    Certificates :


    Water source Tap water
    Cold Water Yes
    Hot Water Yes
    Ambient water Yes
    Ice Making No
    Coffe No
    Filtration 5
    RO Membrane 75 GPD (283 L/Day) NSF sert
    Booster Pump Yes; Flow: 1.2 LPM 3 bar; Max. working pressure: 8 bar; Power supply: 24 Vdc; Max. consumption: 25 W
    Advantages and Functionality
    Specification • HOT LOCK Function
    Stages 1&2 Combi PP&Carbon Filter (Sediment+Precarbon) NSF/ANSI 42; Service life: 6 ~ 12 months/3 600 L
    Stage 3 RO Membrane 75 GPD (283 L/Day); Service life: 24 months/14 000 L
    Stage 4 Post Carbon Fine Filter 1 micron; Service life: 18 months/10 800 L
    Stage 5 Antibacterial Post filter: Service life: 36 months
    Dimensions W=26.00 cm / D=44.80 cm / H=115.00 cm
    Weight 29 kg
    Reservoir capacity • Cold water: 3 L; • Hot water: 3 L • Ambient water: 6 L
    Еnergy consumption Cooling: 142 W; Heating: 430 W;
    Productivity 75 GPD (283 L/Day)
    Inlet pressure 69 ~ 827 kPA (10 ~ 120 Psi)/(0.7 ~ 8.3 bar)
    Inlet Water Temperature 5 ~ 35 °C
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    certifications CE, NSF/ANSI, USA UL, WQA
    Origin South Korea
    Guarantee 2 years

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