REKA Direct Flow 6 Stage RO system |600 GPD|Spain

Direct Flow

2 l/min

Smart Faucet

Leak detector



REKA: Latest innovative direct flow RO system

RO REKA is the latest and most modern reverse osmosis equipment. Its careful design and its versatility are thought to adapt to any house. Ultracompact RO and suitable for any place.

RO REKA combines a great capacity to produce pure water with a minimum amount of rejected water. This results in high water savings and a more sustainable performance.

REKA Faucet. The Intellegent Tap with water quality indicator

The intelligent REKA tap display alerts you to the quality of the water. The LED changes color, blue, yellow or red depending on the urgency with which the filters have to be replaced.
Blue LED: High quality. High salt rejection efficiency (over 90 %) TDS ≤ 100ppm
Red LED: Low quality. Low salt rejection efficiency (Between 80% and 50%)TDS > 100ppm and ≤ 150ppm
Yellow LED: Medium quality. Average salt rejection efficiency (Between 90% and 80%) TDS > 100ppm
Osmotized water uninterrupted directly in your glass. Its installation is quick and easy.

• Protection against continuous stops and starts: Activated when the pump runs continuously for more than 30 minutes
• Protection if something wrong is detected in the pump
• Protection against low temperatures: Activated when the water temperature is below 3°C


Filter/Membrane change reminder

The intelligent REKA tap display alerts you to the status of the membrane/filter.

Leakage protection

When the system detects a leakage of more than 3 seconds, the audible and visual warnings are activated.

Auto Start/Stop

REKA is provided with a low (pump protection) and high pressure switch for operation control. It stops the system when the faucet is close and starts again when it is partially emptied.

Interface and front panel.Double information system on the tap and machine.

Front panel with three Indicators. Each refers to one stage of the system and gets on when having to replace it. It also advice by acoustic signals. Frontal led indicator which indicates the quality of the outlet water depending on its TDS. This led indicator also indicates in case there is an error as the system checks the internal electronics periodically.

  • • Direct Flow (no storage tank)
  • • Smart Faucet
  • • Smart quality control and warnings
  • • Flow rate 1.6 ~ 2.0 LPM
  • • 6 filtration stages
  • • Leakage Sensor
  • • Auto Start/Stop
  • • High Efficiency RO Membrane 600 GPD
  • • Safety System
  • • AquaStop system
  • • Auto Flushing
  • • Filter change warning
  • • Membrane change warning
  • •Luxurious and compact design
  • • Manufacturer IonFilter, Spain
  • • Dimensions 41.4 x 13.0 x 44.5 сm
  • • Power consumption 100W/24V x 4A
  • • Weight 12.45 kg
  • • Warranty 2 y
  • Direct Flow
    Direct production of RO water (Tankless)
  • High performance
    Great flow of water dispensed 2300 L/Day
  • Smart Faucet
    Water quality contro and maintenance warning
  • MRO Membrane
    MRO-Multitsage RO Membrane (4 filtration stages: PP+RO+CB+PET)
  • Filter Change Control
    Automatic maintenance notifiaction
  • Membrane Change Control
    Control of conductivity
  • Quality Control
    Control of conductivity
  • Sound Warnings
    Acoustic warnings
  • Auto Start/Stop
    Pressure control
  • CF Multitsage Filter
    CF-Multitsage Filter (2 filtration stages: PP+CB)
  • Easy to replace encapsulated filters and membranes
    Filters and diaphragm are replaced without tools and without opening the system
  • Auto flushing of RO membrane
    Avoid blockage in the membrane and extend its life span




6 filtration stages

  • CF Multitsage FilterCombi Sediment PP+Carbon Block 5 μm
    Removes coarse particles, rust, chlorine, organic chemicals, odors, organic pollutants, pesticides and herbicides. Service life 12 months. UNE 149101 certificate.
  • • MRO-Multitsage RO Membrane 600 Gallons Per Day
    4 filtration stages: PP+RO+CB+PET. Reverse Osmosis Membrane composed of thin layers of composite film (TFC). Removes mechanically lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrites, nitrates, selenium and over 99% of bacteria. Service life 36 months. Certificate UNE 149101.






Spanish Association of Standardization and Certification

CE marking


Water source Tap water 38 ºC ~ 5 ºC, Max. hardness 20 ºF
Cold Water No
Hot Water No
Ambient water Yes
Filtration 6
RO Membrane 600 GPD (2280 L/Day) NSF sert
Booster Pump Yes
Advantages and Functionality
Specification • 6 filtration stages • Smart Faucet • Filter change warning • Membrane change warning • Quality Control • Leakage sensor • LED Status • Sound Warnings • Flow up to 2 L/m • Booster Pump •Aoto-Flushing Membrane • High performance membrane • 2/1 L produced /waste water • Low maintenance cost • Large life span of membrane-36 months
Stages 1&2 CF-Multitsage Sediment&Carbon Filter 5 micron
Stages 3,4,5,6 MRO- Multitsage RO Membrane
Dimensions 15.5 (W) x 40.1 (D) x 45.6 (H) cm
Weight 10.7 kg
Еnergy consumption 100 W
Productivity 2280 L/Day
Inlet pressure 100~250 kPA (1~4 bar)
Inlet Water Temperature 5 ~ 35 °C
Certificates, Origin, Warranty
certifications CE, UNE149101, NSF Components
Origin Spain
Guarantee 2 year
Manufacturer IonFilter

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