FC-1750 Columbia Fountain Stainless Steel 4 Stage Ultrafiltration System for Rent |Cold Water

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Rent Columbia FC-1750: Stainless Steel Inox Fontain Cooler with 4 Stage Ultrafiltration Sysytem!

No cost for delivery, installation, maintanance and repairs!

Against a low monthly flat fee:
You can drink clean, tasty and healthy water
» You save money
» Save time on orders and organization
» Save space neded to store plastic gallons
» You are using a certified water purification system by a reputable manufacturer

» You help reduce pollution and waste disposal

Columbia FC-1750 Stainless Steel Inox Fontain is a reliable, affordable and intelligent solution for providing large volumes of clean and chilled drinking water, with minimal maintenance costs.

Fountain-type systems are suitable for children's schools, medical facilities, manufacturing facilities and public places with the use of large quantities of water and increased levels of bacterial contamination, as well as in rooms with aggressive environments.
Columbia FC-1750 Stainless Steel Inox Fontain is a 4-stage ultrafiltration system. It is equipped with a post-carbon filter with silver, which guarantees clean and fresh water without the risk of harmful bacteria.
Columbia FC-7500 Stainless Steel Inox Fontain is able to cool up to 20 liters of cold water per hour, adjusting the cold water temperature from 8° C to 12° C. It has one tank of 4.2 liters for cold water made of special AISI-304 stainless steel, which makes it suitable for use in places with large volumes of drinking water.
Columbia FC-1750 Stainless Steel Inox Fontain is designed to be durable, easy to set up and serve a large number of users. The Inox case is made of special stainless steel 0.8 mm thick, for protection against all external influences and for installation and use in public places.
Columbia FC-1750 Stainless Steel Inox Fontain has one tall faucet for easy bottle filling and a fountain for drinking water without the use of glasses.

» Restaurants, educational establishments, production facilities
» Areas with increased levels of bacterial contamination

» Ultrafiltration Membrane 0.01 microns
» Cooling capacity 20 L/h
» Output Flow 60 L/h
» Compact sizes
» Design: chrome
» 0.8 mm thick chrome stainless steel housing

Stages of filtration

①: Sediment In-Line Filter PP 5 microns 

Removes coarse particles and rust. Made of 100% pure polypropylene fibers. Service life: 6-12 months

②: Pre Carbon GAC In-Line Filter

Removes chlorine and organic chemicals, odors, organic pollutants, pesticides and herbicides. Made of granular activated carbon. Improves the taste of water. Service life: 6-12 months

③: Ultrafiltration Membrane  0.01 microns 

Removes chlorine and organic chemicals, odors, organic pollutants, pesticides and herbicides. Made of granular activated carbon. Improves the taste of water. Service life: 12-24 months.

Columbia FC-1750 Stainless Steel Inox Fontain water purification systems are only designed to filter cold drinking tap water!



Water source Tap water
Cold Water Yes; Cold water regulator: 8 -12°C
Hot Water No
Ambient water No
Ice Making No
Coffe No
Filtration 4
Advantages and Functionality
Specification • Cooling water dispenser that provides cold water incorporating water treatment by reverse osmosis • Body in stainless steel • Low noise compressor • Cold water tank capacity 4.2 liters • Cooling capacity up to 20 L/h • Refrigerant R-134a • One faucet
Stage 1 Sediments in-line cartridge PP 12"x2.5", 5 microns GreenFilter
Stage 2 CS Granular carbon GAC in-line catridge 12"x2.5" GreenFilter
Stage 3 UF membrane 0.01 microns
Dimensions W=31.5 cm / D=30.5 cm / H=125.0 cm
Weight 26.7 кg
Reservoir capacity Cold water: 4.2 L
Еnergy consumption 200 W (electrical supply 220 – 240 V)
Productivity 60 L/h
Inlet pressure Inlet pressure: 1 ~ 3 bar; If pressure is more than 3 bar it will be necessary to place a pressure reducer at the entrance of the system to avoid damage to the pump and the other components
Inlet Water Temperature 2 ~ 38°C
Certificates, Origin, Warranty
certifications CE, UNE 149101
Origin Spain
Manufacturer Puricom Europe

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