CHP-250L Coway 5 Stage RO system for Rent| Cold&Hot&Ambient water

Monthly Rental

from BGN 49.00*

* Free 3-Year Service, incl.VAT

Rental plan 1 to 3 year

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Filter replacements

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Small and Powerful, fits in any type of kitchen


Clean and fresh water at your fingertips


Coway CHP-250L is a luxury countertop water purifier with 6 stages of filtration, reverse osmosis, winner of the Reddot Design Award, meeting the world standards NSF/ANSI 42, 53 and 58.

Choose cold, hot or room temperature with one touch. With its compact size, elegant design and functionality, the CHP-250L is the right addition to any kitchen. High Efficiency RO Membrane provides clean and fresh water. CHP-250L has built-in systems for protection against overheating / overcooling, overflow, light sensor, temperature LED display. Easy cleaning of the tanks.

Lock Function protects young children from accidental burns.

Choice with one touch of a predetermined amount - 120 ml, 200 ml or 300 ml.

Modern and luxurious design: Coway comes with an elegant matte white finishing, delivering timeless style and sophistication to any homes.

Perfect for cooking, washing food, coffee or any other point of use need.

Manufactured by Coway - the largest manufacturer of water and air purification systems in South Korea. WQA-certified for advanced purity and perfect taste.


    • • Cold, Hot and Room temperature
    • • 5 Stage Filtration
    • • User-Friendly Design
    • • Over Heating Sensor
    • • Over Cooling Sensor
    • • Overflow Sensor
    • • Energy saving functions
    • • Silent mode
    • • Continuous dispensing
    • • Preset quantity dispensing
    • • Water temperature LED indicator
    • • Without booster pump
    • • Daly Water Production Rate 76.0~152.7 l/day
    • • Tanks 6 l
    • • Air Tight Tank
    • • Tested and certified by WQA according to NSF/ANSI 42•53•58•372
    • • Manufacturer Coway, South Korea
    • • Dimension 32x55x40.7 cm
    • • Weight 17.6 kg
    • • 2 year warranty

  • One touch dispensing in preset quantity as 120 ml, 200 ml or 300 ml
    Enjoy different choices of your preferred volume
  • 3 types of temperatures
    Dispenses ambient, cold, warm and hot water to best suit the preferences of all
  • Hot water lock function (Child safe mode)
    Deactivate hot water dispensing to protect users from scalding
  • Power-save mode (Light sensor)
    Save money on your electricity bill with Power-save mode which automatically reduces the frequency of compressor and heater operation while in dark environments to reduce power consumption
  • Color LED temperature indicator on the front panel
    Allows users to know current temperature of cold and hot water in tank
  • Continuous Extraction
    Continuous dispensing of water
  • Silent Mode
    Option of silent mode to suit your preference
  • Microprocessor control
    Built-in control
  • Electronic single faucet
    For cold, hot and ambient water extraction
  • Ambient water tank 2.7 l Room Temperature 18~22 ºС
  • Cold water tank 2.3 l
    Temperature 4~9 ºС
  • Hot water tank 1.0 l
    Temperature 82~88 ºС





  • Neo Sense Combi Sediment & Carbon Filter CNFN8S Coway
    Removes particulates, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dissolved. Certificate NSF/ANSI 42,53
  • RO Membrane 20 Gallons Per Day CRMFN8'(S)-20 Coway
    Reverse Osmosis Membrane composed of thin layers of composite film (TFC) that can purify up to 76 liters per day. Removes water contaminants such as heavy metals, harmful organic chemicals, microbes as well as radioactive substances are all removed. Certificate NSF/ANSI 58. 
  • Inno Sense Plus Fine Post Carbon Filter CIFN8S Coway
    Reduces odours and improves the taste of water. Certificate NSF/ANSI 42,58,401.


Coway Co. products are certified and winners of the most prestigious awards for design and quality.


NSF 42•53•58


NSF Certified components

Energy Star


Energy efficient certified products

CE marking


Certificate for safety, health and environmental protection


Water Quality Association


Certified by Water Quality Association manufacturer

WQA Gold Seal


Gold seal for the most reliable manufacturer

International Forum Design


Reward Product Design-International Forum Design


Red Dot Design Award


Design Award Red Dot Product Design



Certificates TUV ISO 9001, TUV ISO 14001

Good Design Award


Design Awards Good Design Award

Water source Tap water
Cold Water Yes
Hot Water Yes
Ambient water Yes
Filtration 5
RO Membrane 20 GPD NSF sert
Booster Pump No
Advantages and Functionality
Specification • 5 Stage Filtration • Without Booster Pump • Over Heating Sensor • Over Cooling Sensor • Overflow Sensor • Lock Function (Hot water lock mode) • Power-save mode (Light sensor) • Preset quantity dispensing: 120 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml • Continuous dispensing • Silent mode • Hot/Cold Water temperature LED display • RO Capacity - 76.0~152.7 L/day • Compressor Cooling
Stages 1&2 NeoSense Sediment&Pre Carbon Filter CNFN8S Coway; NSF/ANSI 42,58
Stage 3 RO Membrane 20 GPD; NSF/ANSI 58;
Stages 4&5 Inno-Sense Plus Fine Post Carbon Block Combined Filter CIFN8S Coway; NSF/ANSI 42,58,401
Dimensions 32(w) x 55(D) x 40.7(H) cm
Weight 17.6 kg
Reservoir capacity • Cold water 2.3 L • Hot water 1.0 L • Ambient water 2.7 L
Еnergy consumption • Cooling Compressor 120 W • Heating 270~320 W
Productivity 76.0~152.7 L/Day
Inlet pressure 138~827 kPA (20~120 Psi)/(1.38~8.27 bar)
Inlet Water Temperature 5 ~ 35 °C
Certificates, Origin, Warranty
certifications CE, NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 58 и 372
Origin South Korea

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