Replacement cartridge For Shower Filter GAC+KDF (2 units)

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    SHOWER FILTER KDF® from Puricom Europe: Protection and comfort for your skin.

    Our Shower Filter will give you the maximum comfort in your daily shower, leaving your skin softer than ever by avoiding chemical products from water.

    Removes chlorine and other chlorinated substances.

    Replacement cartridge for Shower Filters with KDF® and activated coconut shell carbon

    It has 3 stages of filtration:
    Grade 1 and 3: Granulated activated carbon (GAC) from coconut shells Carbon eliminates chlorine and bad odor and improves the taste of water.
    Second Degree: KDF® 55
    KDF®55 is a high purity compound (copper and zinc alloy) that removes heavy materials such as iron, lead, mercury, chromium. Extends the life of Activated Carbon and prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi.
    Granular Activated Carbon (GAC): 100 g
    KDF®55: 20g

    After deploying the housing, the new filter is mounted.
    After replacing the filter, allow the soul to flow for about 1 minute.
    Removes chlorine and bad odor from water.
    Contributes to softer, smoother and more hydrated skin.
    Eliminates skin and eye irritation caused by chlorine.
    Reducing the amount of harmful heavy metals in the water.
    No maintenance required.
    Fast and easy installation.

    Housing Material: ABS
    Maximum pressure: 6 bar.
    Water temperature: 4 ° C to 80 ° C
    Maximum flow rate 3.78 LPM
    Dimensions: diameter: 66 mm; height: 90 mm
    Weight: 200 g
    Service life: 6 months
    Manufacturer: Puricom Europe / IonFilter
    Origin: Spain


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