Oskar/Karl Humidifier filters (8 pack)

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    High efficiency evaporating filters for all Oskar/Karl models

    Filters are the most important element of the humidifier, which determines its effectiveness.

    Filters are those that purify the air and help release moisture into the air.

    Oskar filters consist of 12 layers, are made of plant and textile fibers and are impregnated with antibacterial protection SILVADUR ™ ANTIMICROBIAL, which protects the filters from the appearance of bacteria, mold and mildew.

    They are suitable for use with any water.



    • Application: Oskar, Oskar Big, Oskar Little


    • 1 filter is needed for Oskar Little


    • Oskar/Karl requires 2 filters


    • Oskar Big/Karl Big requires 4 filters


    • Recommended replacement period: 2-3 months.


    Replacement of filters

    • You do not need tools or special skills to replace the filters! You don't even have to drain the water! 
    • Remove the top of the case
    • Remove the used filters
    • Install the new filters
    • Place the top of the case
    • Ready!










      • Suitable for all Oskar models: Oskar little, Oskar and Oskar big
      • Increased evaporative capacity
      • Antibacterial treatment keeps the material clean and hygienic
      • Highly efficient, manufactured from plant and textile fibre
      • Also suitable for hard water
      • Dimensions: 22 сm x 17 сm x 15 сm
      • Weight: 1.2 кg
      • To keep efficiency stable, the filters should be replaced every 2-3 months
    Advantages and Functionality
    Specification • Compatibility: Oscar, Oskar Big, Oscar Little • Recommended replacement period: 2-3 months • Material: vegetable and textile fibers • Antibacterial coating SILVADUR ™
    Dimensions 17.1 сm x 22.0 сm x 29.0 cm
    Weight 1.2 kg
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    Manufacturer Stadel Form (Switzerland)

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