FT-Line 91 UF Membrane (Green Filter)

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    The Ft-Line 91 is a Ultrafiltration membrane of the FT m..

    The Ft-Line 91 is a Ultrafiltration membrane of the FT modular series.

    It removes most viruses, but not all water-soluble harmful chemicals.
    It is usually not installed individually and necessarily after a sediment filter and a pre-filter.


    For water treatment before vending and coffee machines, ice generators, or as a 3rd stage of the FT-Line modular system.
    The FT-91 is an encapsulated UF Membrane by Puricom Europe. It removes high molecular weight substances, colloidal materials, some viruses, as well as organic and inorganic polymer molecules.
    It does not remove low organic molecular weight substances and ions such as sodium, calcium, magnesium chloride and sulfate.
    The FT-91 Ultrafiltration In-Line delivers flow rates up to 1.0 LPM.

    Type: UF (Ultra Filtration)
    Material: Multilayer membrane of thin film
    Maximum operating temperature: 2ºC ~ 35ºC
    Max flow rate: 1.0 LPM
    Maximum working pressure: 4.6 bar (58 PSI)
    Filtration: < 0.1 micron
    Useful life: 12 ~ 18 months
    Outer diameter: 66 mm
    Length: 241 mm
    Weight: 0.8 kg
    Manufacturer: GreenFilter | Puricom Europe
    The kit contains
    1 piece FT-91 Ultrafiltration Membranes
    1 piece FT-type filter head
    1 piece Flow restrictor 1.0 LPM
    2 pcs Quick-connectors 3/8 ”
    1 piece  Metal wall mounting bracket
    2 piece  Fixing screws

    LLDPE pipes, stopcock and spout are not included.



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