Shiny chrome faucet with ceramic valve Robin

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    Facet (spout) with Robin Metal Free ceramic head
    Metal Free Technology: The entire path of purified water is ceramic coated to prevent contact with metal surfaces.
    The result is: clean water!
    Sturdy and quality faucet, NSF certified, manufactured to the highest standards!
    High-reliability ceramic valve with ceramics made by GE Ultem GE and a nozzle from NORYL ™ GE. Its production system guarantees long life, hassle-free and comfortable use.
    Model: Robin MF (Metal Free)
    Connection: LLDPE Pipe 1/4 '(3/8')
    Coating: Mat
    Height: 295 mm
    Width: 156 mm
    Mounting hole: 12 mm
    Weight: 0.5 kg
    Certificates: CE, NSF
    Manufacturer / Origin

    IonFilter / Spain

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