Terms of Use

These general terms and conditions govern relations between Savio Ltd and the users of the online store (Site).


1. Savio Ltd. Company, having its registered office and registered address: Bulgaria, Sofia 1700, 11a Pastar Sviat str., UIC: 831278075, VAT ID No.BG831278075.

Savio Ltd. owns and operates an online store accessible at www.crystalwaterbg.com

2. Savio Ltd. is a sole proprietorship limited liability company within the meaning of the Commercial Law, with UIC: 83178075, VAT ID: BG831278075, with registered office and address of management: Bulgaria, Sofia 1700, 11a Pastar Sviat str

Bank Details (BGN):

Bank: DSK Bank AD

IBAN: BG80STSA93001527371611


3. Contact with Savio Ltd. | Crystal Water&Air is available at the above address and at the following phones: +359 2 962 2305, +359962 2306, +359 88 928 3724, +359 88 8636 096 or e-mail: mail @ crystalwaterbg.com.


4. the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the following definitions shall apply:

USER: an individual who has or accesses the contents of the Site through any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) based on a usage agreement between Savio Ltd. and him after creating and using PROFILE.

PROFILE: A combination of password and email that allows a single User to access restricted areas of the Site.

CUSTOMER: A person who has or accesses the contents of the Site after creating a USER PROFILE and uses the web sites described above in any way whatsoever.

ORDER: An electronic document whereby the Buyer through the Site notifies the Seller of his desire to purchase Products or Services from the Site.

DISTANCE CONTRACT: Any contract concluded between a Merchant and a Consumer within the framework of an organized system of sales or provision of services, without simultaneous physical presence of the Merchant and the Consumer, as a consequence of the Order submitted by the Client. These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of this Agreement. Each separately placed order is a separate contract.

CATALOG: A list of goods and services located on the Site and representing its main content to which Customers have free access.

PRODUCT/GOODS:An element of the catalog located on the Site, which is the subject of a contract of sale.

PERSONAL DATA: Any type of information relating to an individual who is identified or identifiable. Includes first and last name, address, e-mail address, PIN / EHR, telephone number, Client ID, geolocation data, etc.

CONTENT: All information on the Site that can be accessed through the use of an electronic device; The content of any information sent by the Seller Customer and vice versa; information related to products, services, and charges.

BULLETIN/BROCHURE/MESSAGE Electronic media relating to products and / or services on the Site, without any connection with the information provided in the technical information.

PAYMENT/TRANSACTION: Collection or refund of the sale of a product / service by Savio Ltd. | Crystal Water&Air to the Client by bank transfer, regardless of the delivery method.

FORM MAJOR CIRCUMSTANCES: An unpredictable event, beyond the control of the parties, which cannot be avoided.


5. The General Terms and Conditions shall determine the rules by which the Client may use the Site and its contents, unless another valid agreement between him and the Seller is available.

6. The General Terms and Conditions are obligatory for all Clients of the Site. The use of this means that the Client has met carefully and agreed with them every time they use it.

7. The General Terms and Conditions may be changed unilaterally and at any time by Savio Ltd. These changes take effect immediately upon their publication on the Site.

8. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the Client gives his explicit consent for the conclusion of distance contracts as a result of the Order made by him.

9. Savio Ltd. has the right to terminate or refuse the registration of the Client, unilaterally at its sole discretion, without owing any penalties or indemnities therefor.

10. The possibility of ordering is valid only for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and only for persons over 18 years of age. By registering on the website and creating an Account, the Client declares that he or she is 18 years of age.

11. The images on the Site are informative and the products delivered may differ from those displayed due to technical errors, changes in features or design. The seller is not responsible for such discrepancies. Up-to-date information on each product is available on its manufacturer's website.

12. The characteristics, descriptions and prices of the goods / services of the Site may contain errors and may be changed at any time. The Seller is not responsible for such inconsistencies, but is obliged to correct them in a timely manner, if indicated by the Client.

13. Savio Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to the Site, its structure and functionality without prior notice to Clients.

14.Savio Ltd. is not responsible for any errors that may occur on the Site for technical reasons.

15. Savio Ltd. reserves the right to publish advertising boxes of any kind and / or links on any part of the Site, in accordance with applicable law.

16. All goods, including those in promotion, are sold and delivered until the quantities available in the Seller's warehouse are available, even if not explicitly stated on the Site.

17. The Site may contain links to other Sites, such as Savio Ltd. is not responsible for the content and policies of these Sites..

18. Продавачът и Клиентът се съгласяват, че електронната комуникация помежду им, в това число и използването на конкретен Акаунт, има силата на саморъчен подпис в отношенията между тях.

19. The Seller and the Client agree that electronic communication between them, including the use of a specific Account, has the power of a handwritten signature in the relations between them.


20. The distance sale contract for goods and / or services shall be considered concluded from the moment of acceptance by the Seller of the order sent by the Client. If within two weeks the Client does not receive a confirmation, the Client shall be considered rejected or not received and the contract has not been concluded. In all cases where the Seller has issued an invoice or has received a payment by bank transfer, the contract shall be considered concluded.

21. The Seller shall notify the Client by telephone or e-mail of the registration of the order.

22. In all cases in which the order is registered and the Client has received confirmation thereof, the latter owes a full payment, which is negotiated for each individual order - in whole or in part in advance, with payment of the balance upon receipt or in full upon receipt of the product.

23. All goods in the Site's catalog have a specific status. For goods with a status other than "Out of Stock", the Seller reserves the right in case of inability to supply on request to partially or fully cancel the contract, in which case it owes only and only a refund to the received sums, at no cost to the Client.

24. Where the stock of a particular item is insufficient to fulfill all the orders received, the rule in the preceding paragraph shall apply.

25. The information provided by the Client, as well as these General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Distance Contract.


26. Access to the Site for registration of an Account and creation of an order is allowed to each Client. The Client is responsible for the accuracy of the provided.

27. Savio Ltd. may at any time restrict access to orders, goods, services, payment methods and others of any Client, at its sole discretion, without prior notice or notice. Savio Ltd. is not responsible for any damages that Customer may suffer or may suffer as a result of this decision.

28. Each Client may have only one Site Account.

29. All prices of the Site are in BGN, VAT included.

30. The price of the product does not include the delivery price and the payment fees due.

31. Possible after purchase of product Savio Ltd. to request Customer feedback via email about purchased product or service.

32. During the promotional period, all line priced quotes indicate the price of the goods outside the promotional period and are for informational purposes only.

33. . When presenting goods and services, Savio Ltd. reserves the right to use other products and accessories that may not be included in the product price. In such cases, the product description shall include the products included in the set and any product not included in the same description shall be deemed not to have been included in the set accordingly.

34. Savio Ltd. reserves the right to change the prices of goods and services at any time without prior notice to the Customers.

35. Цената на стоките е тази, която е посочена в момента на поръчката в рамките на складовите наличности и/или за промоционалния период, ако има такъв. Всякакви промени в цените, настъпили след приемането на поръчка, не се отнасят до нея.

36. The price of the products and services is that indicated at the time of the order within the stock and / or during the promotional period, if any. Any changes in the prices that occurred after the acceptance of the order do not apply to it.

37. Savio Ltd. does not guarantee the availability of any product that can be purchased from the Site before confirming the same to the Client via email or telephone that the order has been completed and submitted for delivery.


38. The Customer may place an order on the Site by adding the goods and services offered in the shopping cart, following the instructions and steps on the Site to complete and send the order.

39. Upon completion of its order, the Client agrees that all information provided during the purchase process is correct and complete at the time of order completion.

40. Unfinished orders do not lead to the registration of an order.

41. Goods and services are available within inventory and can be confirmed or refused depending on availability.

42. The availability of each product is indicated by the Site. Savio Ltd. reserves the right to specify availability and delivery times by telephone or e-mail at the time of order processing.

43. Savio Ltd. is not responsible for compliance with the delivery time for products that are only indicated by order and are not available in stock.

44. Until the time of delivery, the Seller may refuse to fulfill a partially and / or fully placed order when the delivery is impossible due to objective reasons, giving prior notice to the Client. In such cases the Seller is obliged to recover the amounts paid by the Client, if any, without incurring any additional costs for the Seller, after which the contract is considered terminated and the parties to it have no other obligations to each other.

45.By sending the order, the Client gives the Seller the right to contact him in any possible way, when this is necessary in connection with the placed order.

46. In the event that a change in the delivery time or the content of a contract or other contractual conditions is required, Savio's representative notifies the Client by phone or e-mail. In this case, the Client has the right to cancel the contract or confirm the order. In both cases the Seller shall not be liable for damages beyond the liability for repayment of the amounts paid.

47.Except in the cases under the preceding paragraph, the Client may refuse to place an order until the delivery of the goods. This can be done through the personal account from the moment of registration of the order to the beginning of its execution, by phone: +359 2 962 2305, +359 2 9622306, +359 88 928 3724 or by e-mail: mail@crystalwaterbg.com. In such cases, the Seller shall refund all amounts paid by the Client, if any, in the same manner as the payment was made, at no cost to the Client. The Client is not responsible for damages and lost profits and the contract is considered to be terminated.


48. The ownership of the goods is transferred with their transfer to the Client, after payment is made by him. The delivery of the goods will be certified by the Client's signature of the transport document provided by the courier.


49. The ownership of the goods is transferred with their transfer to the Client, after payment is made by him. The delivery of the goods will be certified by the Client's signature of the transport document provided by the courier.


50. All content, including, but not limited to, images, design, software, databases, information and any other content posted on the Site is the property of Savio Ltd., or to third parties, in which case Savio Ltd.is licensed.

51. All trademarks quoted on the Site belong to their respective owners.

52. All content to which the Client obtains access is protected by law, unless accompanied by a written consent for use between Savio Ltd. and the Client or a third party.

53. The distance agreement does not authorize the Client to copy, distribute, publish, make available to third parties, modify in any way any part of the contents of the Site, except with the express consent of Savio Ltd.


54. The Seller shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the Client or by third parties as a result of force majeure or those which are beyond the control of the Seller.

55. Savio Ltd. is not responsible for the actions of any person who uses the content of the Site.

56. Savio Ltd. is not responsible for any damages, direct, indirect, incidental or other, arising out of the use or inability to use the Site or for any errors or omissions in the content that may lead to damages.

57. Savio Ltd. does not guarantee to the Client the availability of any product, access to the Site, Account, content, products and services and shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the Client or from third parties.

58. Savio Ltd. does not offer any warranty that the goods will meet the Client's requirements or expectations.

59. Savio Ltd. under no circumstances shall be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits, discontinued activities arising from use, inability to use, or the results of use of the Site.

60. In all other cases the Seller's liability is limited to the value of the goods ordered and paid for by the Client.


61. By creating an Account, the Client agrees by default to receive brochures, notices, newsletters and other special offers from Savio Ltd.

62. The Client may at any time refuse to receive the special offers, brochures and notices by using the special information links Manage personal data and GDPR tools of the Site, or in writing by e-mail.

63. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Client agrees to receive by default the calls, messages and short text messages, with or without human intervention, which are necessary for the execution of the concluded contract.

64. The Client may at any time opt out of receiving messages and short text messages by calling the Seller's contacts or by e-mail.

65. Savio Ltd. reserves the right to remove individual Client contacts from its database without any further commitments and without further notice.

66. Savio Ltd. does not distribute unsolicited commercial communications within the meaning of the Electronic Commerce Act.

67. Refusal to receive special offers and notices does not constitute a waiver of this Agreement.


68. The parties are not responsible for the failure to fulfill their contractual obligations if it is due to force majeure.

69. If, within 14 days of the occurrence of force majeure, it cannot be overcome, either party has the right to ask the other to terminate the contract without either party being liable for damages.


70. This Document has been prepared and will be interpreted in accordance with Bulgarian law.

71. By using, visiting the Site, browsing and any other content, product or service, accessible and / or provided in any way, the Client agrees to these General Terms and Conditions.

72. Disputes that may arise between Client and Savio Ltd. will be settled by mutual agreement through mutual discounts. If this is not possible, the dispute will be referred to the Sofia Arbitration Tribunal by the International Association for Justice and Arbitration under its rules of procedure. This arbitration clause does not apply to Customers individuals. Disputes with Customers - individuals will be referred to the competent Bulgarian court.

73. In the event of a dispute related to ordering / purchasing online, the Customer may also refer to the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution Website.


Consumer Commission (CPC)

Address: 4a Slaveikov square, Sofia

e-mail: info@kzp.bg

Website: www.kzp.bg

Personal Data Protection Commission (CPDP)

Address: 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., Sofia

e-mail: kzld@cpdp.bg

Website: www.cpdp.bg

National Association for Out-of-Court Agreements (NAIS)

Address: Sofia, 1527, Vrabcha Str

Phone: +359 2 989 0106

Website: www.nais.bg

European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution website

Website: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers

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