Ultrafiltration membrane (Green Filter)

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    Type: UF (Ultra Filtration) Encapsulated MembraneMateria..

    Type: UF (Ultra Filtration) Encapsulated Membrane

    Material: Thin film multilayer membrane

    Max.operating temperature: 35ºC

    Min.operating temperature: 2ºC 

    Max flow rate: 1.5 LPM (0.4 GPM)

    Maximum working pressure: 4.0 bar (58 PSI)

    Filtration: <0.1 micron

    Service life: 12 ~ 18 months

    Outer diameter: 66 mm

    Length: 295 mm

    Connect (Inlet / Outlet): 1/4 "Quick Change

    Weight: 540 g

    Manufacturer: GreenFilter | Puricom Europe

    UF Membranes use a purification method analogous to nano filtration and reverse osmosis. The pore sizes range from 0.1 µm to 0.001 µm.

    UF membranes remove high molecular weight substances, colloidal materials, some viruses, as well as organic and inorganic polymer molecules. Substances of low organic molecular weight and ions such as sodium, calcium, magnesium chloride and sulfate are not removed by UF membranes since the osmotic differential pressure across the surface of the UF membrane is negligible.

    UF membranes provide high values ​​of workflow.

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