UV Lamp 6W King Light UVC-S212T5

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    6W UV Lamp King Light UVC-S212T5

    Length: 212 mm
    Diameter: 15.5 mm
    Power: 6 W
    Maximum useful life: 5,000 hours (6 months)
    Compatibility: UV0240LH / 1GPM
    Manufacturer: King Light | Puricom Europe

    Original spare Lamp for King Light UV0240LH / 1GPM household sterilizer from Puricom Europe, 6W. 100% physical water disinfection without chemicals is achieved by treatment with UV rays of a certain wavelength. UV rays destroy germs, viruses, pathogens. It combines convenience and cheap maintenance: no chemical treatment of water and low maintenance costs.

    A useful life of about 5000 hours.
    Changing the UV lamp after this period is mandatory!



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