About us

Savio Ltd. is a trading company established in 1995, specializing in the sale and rental of water and air purification systems for domestic and industrial use. Representative of Coway Co., IonFilter and Stadler Form - established manufacturers from Europe and South Korea.

* To improve the quality of water and air - something so important for human health.
* To offer products from the best manufacturers.
* To be a professional and reliable partner for our customers.
* To provide complete and accurate information about the uses and qualities of the products.

★ Our goals

* Commitment and professionalism for the continuous and perfect operation of the home, office and industrial water and air purification systems installed by us.

* Promoting lasting and honest business relationships with its counterparties.

★ Customer satisfaction

We believe that customer satisfaction should be our highest priority, ensuring that you get the best from us. For this reason, we have a team of trained people ready to help and advise you.
We realize that when you decide to buy or rent a water or air purification system, we need to be able to offer you products and services that meet the highest global standards.
That's why we carefully select only high-quality products from the best manufacturers.
We are constantly updating our site, trying to present you with quality photo material, more and detailed information about the features and applications of the products. Responsiveness and commitment are the driving force behind our pursuit of efficiency.
It is important for us that every single customer is 100% satisfied with the choice made.

★ A team

We have trained professional technicians, qualified and able to solve problems and offer original technical solutions in all phases of the activity - sales, installations, technical support and service.
For the installation and maintenance of the systems, we use specialized technicians with knowledge and experience of water treatment systems, instructed and trained by us.
All this allows us to offer a complete range of products for air and water purification and treatment.

★ Our partners

Our partners are established manufacturers of quality products from Europe and South Korea.

* IonFilter - one of the largest manufacturers of systems and equipment for water purification, based in Barcelona, Spain. The company was established in 1989 (www.puricom.eu).
* Coway Co. – the largest producer of high-quality products in South Korea. With over 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of reverse osmosis drinking water systems, filtration, ionizers and air purification equipment, Coway Co. is the #1 supplier in Korea, with subsidiaries in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the United States and Europe. (www.coway.com)
* Hidro Water - a renowned manufacturer of water treatment systems and equipment based in Valencia, Spain. The company was established in 1996 (www.hidro-water.com)
* Stadler Form – a Swiss company, a manufacturer of elegant and quality devices for air improvement, established in 1998. Stadler Form devices are distinguished by their design and innovative solutions.