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    Room size 50 m²

    Swiss Design


    Gets Up Steam!


    The Stadler Form Fred humidifier is the number one device for putting an end to dry indoor air in rooms with up to 50 m² size. The vaporiser with a futuristic look guarantees humidity by creating steam that is free from any germs or minerals.

    When it gets colder outside, we heat our homes: the relative humidity falls. We, our furniture, plants and furnishings suffer in this dry environment. To counteract this Fred the humidifier gets up steam – making us feel comfortable again. Fred is clean – because the steam is free of minerals and bacteria. With metal plated feet, the vaporiser Fred’s feet are firmly on the ground.

    The Fred humidifier produces between 20 - 90 % relative humidity. It is equipped with a highly efficient sensor that checks the indoor air and many convenient automatic settings. This electric appliance quietly operates in two modes, one of them being eco-friendly with a lower consumption. Three metal feet, a water level indicator and the automatic shut-off once the tank is empty ensure a safe and reliable handling. Special anti-limescale balls are also included in the delivery: They prevent limescale on the heating coil, further ensuring a long life cycle.

    Thanks to its compact design and light weight it can be set up in the room anywhere you like. This humidifier has a puristic, almost extravagant design, which makes a tasteful addition for every modern home. 

    Fred is clean - because the steam is free of minerals and bacteria.

    Made of durable plastic, Fred has two power settings - eco and normal, automatic shut-off and is equipped with a humidistat to monitor humidity. 

    Do not use the FRED humidifier with water from ion exchange water softeners (because salt is added to the water). This could cause the unit to malfunction and leak. 

    • • Room size up to 50 m²
    • • Hot steam technology (mineral-free hot steam)
    • • Germ-free steam
    • • Up to 10 hours of continuous operation
    • • Built-in hygrometer (adjustable 20% ~ 90%)
    • • Capacity 175 g/h (eco)/360 g/h (normal)
    • • Overheat protection
    • • Nano ceramic coated heating element
    • • Automatic shutoff
    • • Water level indicator
    • • Tank size 3.6 l
    • • Magic Ball to reduce boiler plate deposition
    • • Removable tank for easy cleaning
    • • Automatic shut-off
    • • Noise 27~33 dB(A)
    • • Dimensions 36.3x26.7x36.3 cm
    • • Weight 2.9 kg
    • • Certificates CE, GS, ETL, ROHS, WEEE
    • • Design Matti Walker (Switzerland)
    • • Warranty 2 year



    • Anti-lime filter Magic Ball (Included)
      Normalizes the hardness of water, makes it difficult to form scale. It is replaced depending on the level of water hardness, but at least once a year.
    • Detergent Cleaner&Descaler (Option)
      Liquid detergent for cleaning deposits and dirt. Biodegradable. Developed and manufactured by Durgol® (Switzerland) for Stadler Form.


    • Relative humidity between 40% and 60% creates a healthy and comfortable climate, which allows you to breathe freely, feel calmer, more energetic and with an increased ability to concentrate. Fred allows you to maintain a constant humidity in the room and eliminates the discomfort and effects caused by dry air. 
    • The benefits of optimal humidity are many:
    • • Calm, deep and relaxing sleep
    • Lower risk of catching the flu
    • Lower dust levels - ideal for allergy sufferers
    • No dryness in the eyes, sinuses and skin


    Stadler Form products have won many awards for design and the combination of aesthetics, functionality, usability and quality.


    The Housewares Design Awards

    Chicago, USA

    "Best in Category" award for design and innovation in the home appliance industry.



    Maison Design Award winner Objet-an international platform for design and lifestyle.

    Filtration 1x Magic Ball ™
    Room Size (Up To) 50 sq.m.
    Sound Level 27 – 33 dB(A)
    Output Levels 2
    Advantages and Functionality
    Specification • Technology - Hot steam • Germ-free steam • Quiet operation 27 – 33 dB(A) • Output (Up to): 360 ml/h (25°C/30%RH) • Power consumption 150 – 300 W • Hygrostat • Ceramic coated heating element • Anti-limescale ball Magic Ball ™ • Automatic shut-off • Unique shape • Suitable for asthmatics • Designed in Switzerland
    Technology Vaporiser
    Dimensions 36.3 x 36.3 x 26. сm
    Weight 2.9 kg
    Еnergy consumption 150 – 300 W
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    certifications GS / CE / WEEE / RoHS
    Guarantee 2 years
    Manufacturer Stadel Form (Switzerland)

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