How to place an order

1. The Customer may place an order on the Site by adding the goods and services offered in the shopping cart, following the instructions and steps on the Site to complete and send the order.
2. Upon completion of its order, the Client agrees that all information provided during the purchase process is correct and complete at the time of order completion.
3. Incomplete orders shall not lead to the registration of an order.
4. Goods and services are available within the inventory and may be confirmed or refused depending on availability.
5. The availability of each product is indicated by the Site. Savio Ltd. | Crystal Water&Air reserves the right to specify availability and delivery times by telephone or e-mail at the time of order processing.
6. Savio Ltd. | Crystal Water&Air is not responsible for compliance with the delivery time for products that are only indicated by order and are not available in stock.
7. Until the time of delivery, the Seller may refuse to execute a partial and / or fully placed order when delivery proves to be impossible for objective reasons, giving prior notice to the Client. In such cases the Seller is obliged to recover the amounts paid by the Client, if any, without incurring any additional costs for the Seller, after which the contract is considered terminated and the parties to it have no other obligations to each other.
8. By submitting the order, the Client gives the Seller the right to contact him in any possible way, when necessary in connection with the placed order.
9. In the event that a change in the delivery time or the content of the order or other contractual conditions is required, Savio Ltd. | Crystal Water&Air notifies the Client by phone or e-mail. In this case, the Client has the right to cancel the contract or confirm the order. In both cases the Seller shall not be liable for damages beyond the liability for repayment of the amounts paid.
10. Except in the cases referred to in the preceding paragraph, the Customer may refuse to place an order until the delivery of the goods. This can be done through the personal account from the moment of registration of the order to the beginning of its execution, by phone: +359 2 962 2305, +359 2 9622306, +359 88 928 3724, +359 888 636 096 or by e-mail: In such cases, the Seller shall refund all amounts paid by the Client, if any, in the same manner as the payment was made, at no cost to the Client. The Client is not responsible for damages and lost profits and the contract is considered to be terminated.