6 reasons to buy an Air washer

6 reasons to buy an Air washer

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Air washers are real-life everyday heroes. Why? They are a combination of air purifier, humidifier and aroma diffuser. They draw in dry, polluted air. The air is washed and humidified by passing over discs that rotate in water. The purified and optimally humidified air is then returned to the room. They appeal to more than just allergy sufferers. In this article we offer up six reasons why an air washer is a sensible purchase – including for you.

Reason 1: Protect your health with air purification

Ambient air contains particles in addition to dust, viruses, hair and other contaminants. Little particles can be harmful to health. They can irritate the airways and even cause lung diseases. If the air in the room is actively washed with an air washer, it can minimise the risk of illnesses.

Reason 2: Clean air, fewer problems

Poor quality air makes us tired and listless. It is allergy sufferers in particular who experience problems if the body is stressed by allergens in the air at home too. By cleaning the air an air washer can help to alleviate symptoms and reduce allergic reactions. In this way everyone in the household can feel well – or at least suffer a little less.

Reason 3: Helps to produce a glowing complexion

Did you know that relative humidity affects your skin? If the air is too dry, then the skin also becomes dry and tight. An air washer produces the ideal humidity and therefore moisturises your skin, so your skin stays healthy and radiant.

Reason 4: Breathe deep thanks to better air quality

Bacteria and pollen remain in the air for longer if indoor air is too dry. They float about in the room and you breathe in much more of them. If the humidity is ideal, the water droplets in the air bond with the pollen and cause this to precipitate on the ground more quickly. An air washer humidifies and purifies, so with its help you can breathe twice as deeply.

Reason 5: Perfect humidity for increased energy

Poor ambient air quality has a negative effect on wellbeing and the body. There are various factors that contribute to a good room climate. Humidity is one of the most important, together with temperature and cleanliness. Being 3-in-1 devices, air washers improve air quality, which has a positive impact on health and increases subjective wellbeing and vitality.

Reason 6: Bad smells vanish

An air washer also removes bad smells from the air by washing it. Air washers therefore help you to eliminate stubborn odours more quickly.

Thanks to its 3-in-1 function, an air washer therefore improves the room climate. This in turn supports good health, reduces risks, increases wellbeing and consequently promotes regeneration and vitality. We think this is a good enough reason to choose an air washer, even if you’re not an allergy suffer.

Stadler Form offers two powerful models: air washer George and air washer Robert. In addition to having different designs, they also differ in performance and price.

George costs a little less and is suitable for rooms up to 60 m2. He has a water tank holding up to 3.2 litres, 4 power settings and a humidity output of 400 g/h. His discs and the water tray can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Robert is suitable for rooms up to 80 m2, has a water tank holding up to 6.3 litres and a humidity output of 550 g/h. His digital touch panel is elegantly integrated into an aluminium design feature.

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