Post Carbon Alkaline Filter|12”|Ruhens

  • 44.90лв
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    Type: Encapsulated, Disposable

    Material: Magnesiumg + Carbon

    Maximum operating temperature: 2ºC ~ 45ºC

    Max flow: 120 L/h (3.8 L/min)

    Maximum working pressure: 8.6 bar (125 PSI)

    Service life: 12 ~ 18 months

    Connection: 1/4 ” QC stem

    Outer diameter: 63 mm

    Length: 279 mm

    Weight: 400 g

    Manufacturer: Ruhens | S.Korea 

    Special alkalizing high quality filter from Ruhens. Improves taste, eliminates residual chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and other organic chemicals.

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