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    Indoors and outdoors

    Up to 11 hours battery life

    Rechargeable via USB

    Swiss Design


    The fragrant lantern for indoors and outdoors

    Want to enjoy fragrance experiences for indoors and outdoors? With Sophie, you can do just that.

    The mobile aroma diffuser lady and lantern is a real all-rounder. She can be used both indoors and also in the garden or on the terrace. Sophie is a delight with her amber-coloured light that creates a deceptively realistic dancing flame.

    With a battery life of up to 11 hours, she is also certified for outdoor use (The battery must be fully charged for at least 12 hours before using it for the first time). Her stylish design with an elegant bamboo handle makes her a real eye-catcher.

    This versatile and uncomplicated lady promises to create real feel-good moments in and around the house and atmospheric evenings. This aroma diffuser is not only fragrant but also quiet and stylish.

    She uses ultrasonic technology to fill the air with your favourite fragrance in the form of extra-fine mist. With the right essential oil, she can also be used outdoors as an insect repellent. Along with three Amber Light™ LEDs that can be dimmed or switched off altogether, this lady has a USB connection for mobile use and also comes with a USB-C cable. Sophie has impressive versatility as a lantern and aroma diffuser for indoors and outdoors.


    • • For indoors and outdoors

    • Ultrasonic technology

    • Amber Light™

    • Sound level 26 dbA

    • Rechargeable anywhere thanks to USB-C cable

    • Water container 100 ml

    • Auto shutdown

    • Battery 7800 mAh

    • Up to 11 hours battery life

    • Dimensions (diameter x height) 18 х 32 cm

    • Weight 1100 g

    • Power consumption 10W

    • Power supply 5V/2A USB

    • Swiss Design

    • Designer Fabian Zimmerli

    • • Warranty 2 year





    • Ultrasonic
      Sophie uses ultrasound technology to diffuse fragrances and essential oils around the room in the form of a fine mist and, when her water container is empty, she switches off automatically.
    • • Built-in rechargeable battery<
      One of the advantages of Sophie is the built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 7800 mAh, which allows you to use it wherever you want without a power outlet. Without recharging the battery Sophie works up to 11 hours!


    • 100% Natural
      Optimal effect is achieved through the use of original, 100% natural essential oils, with fragrances, developed by professional perfumers and produced in Bulgaria.
    • 100% Environmentally friendly
      Stadler Form essential oils are environmentally friendly. They are produced by hand, from environmentally friendly raw materials, are NOT tested on animals and do not contain synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens.


    • Relax: releases tension and has a calming effect
      Ingredients: cedar oil, lavender oil, rose oil, etc.
    • Revive: brings freshness and has a warming effect
      Ingredients: pine oil, juniper needle oil, citrus oil, etc.
    • Recharge: has an invigorating and calming effect on the body
      Ingredients: Siberian fir oil, etc.
    • Relief: Ingredients: Siberian fir oil, etc.
      Ingredients: eucalyptus oil, etc.



    Sound Level < 26 dB(A)
    Advantages and Functionality
    Specification • For indoors and outdoors • Up to 11 hours battery life • Amber Light™ • Quiet operation • Rechargeable anywhere thanks to USB cable • Extra fine mist to optimally distribute essential oils • Water container 100 ml • Swiss Design by Fabian Zimmerli
    Dimensions 18 сm x 18 сm x 30.2 сm
    Weight 1.10 kg
    Еnergy consumption 10 W
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    certifications CE, RoHS, WEEE, EAC, UKCA
    Guarantee 2 year
    Manufacturer Stadler Form (Switzerland)

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