4-ways shut-off valve, 1/4” JACO

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    Modern reverse osmosis water and reservoir systems use a simple but effective device to automatically shut down when the storage tank is full.

    The automatic 4-way valve (ASO: auto shut-off 4-way valve) monitors the pressure in the storage tank and turns off water to the diaphragm when the tank pressure reaches approximately 2/3 of the inlet water pressure.

    The two halves of the valve are separated by a diaphragm, which responds to the pressure in the purified water line on the one hand and the pressure in the inlet water line on the other. As long as the pressure in the purified water line (ie to the storage tank) is less than 2/3 of the inlet pressure, the system continues to produce water.

    When the storage tank is full and the pressure rises, the pressure on the diaphragm increases and the inlet water and system operation are stopped.

    The system begins to purify water when the pressure in the tank becomes less than the inlet pressure.

    The automatic valve prevents the loss of water from the reverse osmosis membrane and increases the efficiency and productivity of the water treatment system.

    Made by FDA certified material

    Connection: 1/4" JACO

    Color: white

    Important! For the automatic 4-way valve to operate, a non-return (one way) valve between the diaphragm and the storage tank must be installed. Without a one-way valve that restricts back pressure from the tank, the automatic 4-way valve does not work.

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