The “Scam” of Bottled Water

The “Scam” of Bottled Water

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Reusable water bottles are one of the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste, and keep the planet clean. It’s also better for you, reducing your exposure to chemicals from plastic.

The “Scam” of Bottled Water
First, let’s start with the “scam” of bottled water.
When you buy a bottle of water, you expect that it’s somehow special compared to the water that comes out of your tap.
Surprisingly, most bottled water sold is just tap water. If you read the labels, you’ll see that often the source is “municipal water source.” This means that it’s water that came from some city’s or town’s water supply. It’s really nothing special.
When you buy “spring water”, it’s the same thing, except that the bottling company has processed it themselves. But water that hasn’t been processed may harbor the bacteria, fungi, and algae that might have been in the spring itself.
In short, you’re simply paying someone to turn the tap for you and put the water in a bottle. Moreover, the water must be shipped to you, so the carbon footprint is massive compared to simply drinking the water from your tap.

The Impact of Water Bottles
here are millions of pollutants in the world. Some, like pesticides, are harder for us to walk away from since they help us grow more foods. But things like plastic bags, bottles, and straws, are consumer items we simply don’t need.
Single-use water bottles are wasteful, last for 1 000 years, and supply something we can get from any tap.

How a Reusable Water Bottle Fits Your Active Lifestyle

#1: Better Insulation – Runbott reusable bottles are double-walled, with vacuum insulation between the walls, providing a thermal effect. This helps keep water cold for up to 24 hours and hot liquids for up to 8 hours.

#2: They are stronger – stainless steel or high-quality glass will last much longer than a disposable bottle. Whether you're camping, rafting, or hiking, the right reusable water bottle will last for years. For example, a bottle with a lightweight SS304 stainless steel body can take impacts and still function well as a water bottle. The body of the Runbott bottles does not scratch or discolor, and the bottom has an anti-slip rubber coating.

#3: You Only Need One – As long as you have a clean water source or one you can sterilize, you only need to carry one reusable bottle.
How many times have you hauled stacks of disposable water bottles on a long road trip? If you know where the drinking water is, you only need one reusable bottle.

#4: Flavor the water – You can put loose tea in a reusable bottle and flavor the water. Since the reusable bottle is designed to remain airtight, you won't end up with water dripping everywhere.

#5: No chemicals in the water – left in the sun for a while or at a higher temperature, plastic bottles release chemicals. The tank of the Runbott bottles is made of ceramics that do not emit harmful chemicals, 100% BPA free, and the body is made of food-grade stainless steel.

#6: Will not impart taste or odor – Unlike plastic, the ceramic tank of Runbott bottles does not stain, preserves the taste of the drinks and does not impart taste or odor to the liquids it stores.

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