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    High efficiency Dual Filter™ H12 for Roger and Roger Big Air Purifiers

    Filters are the most important element of the air purofiers, which determines its effectiveness.

    This combined filter guarantees high efficiency and the best results using a combination of HEPA filter and Activated carbon. Roger filters are developed and manufactured by the world leader in the field of air and liquid filtration - the German company Freudenberg (supplier of filters for the automotive industry - Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Honda).

    Dual Filter ™ technology is a combinaion of HEPA filter and activated carbon.

    The HEPA part filters pollutants out of the air, such as fine dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria

    Activated carbon adsorbs unpleasant odors and gases (tobacco smoke, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, etc.).

    • Application Roger&Roger Big
    • The filter material is made in Germany
    • Material HEPA H12 & Activated Carbon
    • The Dual Filter™ has to be replaced every 8–12 months


      • Dual Filter™ Technology
      • Dimensions 37.3 сm x 34.6 сm x 4.8 сm
      • Weight 0.9 кg
      • Color: White
    Advantages and Functionality
    Specification • Compatibility: Roger Air Purifier • Recommended replacement period: 8-12 months • Combination of HEPA&Activated Carbon • The filter material is made in Germany
    Dimensions 37.3 сm x 34.6 сm x 4.8 сm
    Weight 0.90 kg
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    Origin Germany
    Manufacturer Stadel Form (Switzerland)

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