Spare HEPA filter for Horizon Smart air purifier

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    Original combined filter UPFF (Ultrafine Particle Free Filter) + HEPA H-13 Carbon filter suitable for Horizon Smart air purifiers.

    Recommended cleaning once a month.

    Useful life: 12 months.

    The combi filter consists of two filters in one housing:

    1. UPFF (Ultrafine Particle Free Filter): - filters particles above 2.5 microns.

    2. HEPA H-13 filters are highly efficient HEPA filters that serve to filter 99.97% of all dust particles larger than 3 nanometers, such as dust, mold, smoke particles, asbestos,
    bacteria, etc.


    To take full advantage of the purifier's efficiency, use only genuine Horizon certified filters.

    HEPA Filter => High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter

    Dimensions 12 сm х 12 сm х 2 сm
    Weight 36 g
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    Origin S.Korea
    Manufacturer Horizon/Puricom Europe

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