How to deal with unpleasant odors

How to deal with unpleasant odors

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We do not notice how good odorless air is until it is overshadowed by external "aromas" - tobacco smoke, specific smells from the kitchen. Odors are quite innocent "guests" in appearance, but when they linger for a long time or appear frequently, they have an extremely unpleasant effect on the level of comfort and quality of life. And tobacco smoke is even dangerous for health.
In general, the strategy for dealing with unpleasant odors involves two stages: eliminating the unnecessary and adding the necessary.
Let's look at the effect of climate technology on the solution of these problems.
Stage 1: Eliminate odors
Stadler Form offers two approaches to solving this problem: the Victor model - time-tested technology and the new Roger model range, the result of several years of research and development by a team of German, Swiss and Chinese engineers and designers.
The more modern Roger differs from the still current Viktor with richer functionality (you can learn more about this on the product page), but this is not their main difference.
The main differences between Victor and Roger is the cleaning technology. The first is a HPP filter and the second is a HEPA filter. For the topic of this material, however, this does not matter, since odors are handled by another type of filter - carbon.
In the filters of both models there is carbon, known for its ability to adsorb substances not only from the air, but also from water. Carbon has a porous structure, a cellular structure that allows a very large absorbed surface to fit in small sizes. This improves the cleaning efficiency and makes the service life as long as possible. However, this filter is recommended to be changed - on average once every eight months.
A good and suitable filter is not enough to effectively remove odors. The power of the purifier is also important to ensure a large enough volume of air to pass through the filtration.
For example, Victor manages to purify 3 times the air in a room with an area of 50 square meters, and Roger Big is able to purify 736 cubic meters per hour, i.e. to purify the air 3 times in a room with an area of 104 sq.m.
Step 2: Add flavors
To deal with unpleasant odors, you need to remove them, but this requires larger investments. That is why many people often go to the second stage - aromatization, i.e. they try to mask bad smells with pleasant ones.
The standard and most commonly used way to reduce and mask unpleasant odors is with aerosols. This is not only ineffective, but often also dangerous, as the use of aerosols has questionable consequences in terms of safety and health.
Another way is to fill the room with a safe and even beneficial aroma of essential oils. You can also use a scented candle, but there is a risk of mixing the burnt smell or getting too intense a scent. In addition, like any other source of open fire, the scented candle requires control. You can also achieve the effect by baking a cake, preferably with cinnamon.
There is also a gentler and easier way to fill the room with aroma - the aroma diffuser. The aroma diffuser is actually a mini humidifier. An essential oil with the desired aroma is added to a small tank of water, then the corresponding mode is turned on (interval mode is most convenient). Thus, the room is filled with a gentle and unobtrusive aroma. But the main function of this type of aroma diffuser is to aromatize, not to moisturize.
Smells are much more important in our lives than we usually realize. Their influence can be very different: unpleasant smells can simply "shock" and throw us off balance, and pleasant aromas can do wonders for mood and self-esteem. So, equip yourself with purifiers and aroma diffusers!

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