Oskar/Karl Accessory Pack Basic|Stadler Form

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    Oskar/Karl Accessory Pack Standard

    1. Evaporator cassettes, 2 pack (SF-O-030)

    2. Bacterial Silver Filter Water Cube™ (SF-A-117E)

    • High efficiency evaporating filters

    Filters are the most important element of the humidifier, which determines its effectiveness.

    Filters are those that purify the air and help release moisture into the air.

    The Filters consist of 12 layers, are made of plant and textile fibers and are impregnated with antibacterial protection SILVADUR ™ ANTIMICROBIAL, which protects the filters from the appearance of bacteria, mold and mildew.

    They are suitable for use with any water.

    Antibacterial Silver Filter Water Cube™

    Patented Swiss technology, inhibits the growth of bacteria.

    Provides optimal hygiene in the humidifiers. Extends the lifespan of the humidifiers.Even works when the appliance is switched off Keeps the humidifiers fresh for one season.

    It is activated by contact with water. The original accessory for all Stadler Form humidifiers and air washers.

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