Service and Maintenance

The service and maintenance program ensures maximum efficient and safe operation of the products, combined with professional service.

We are also available to advise you on any technical issues related to the purchased or leased systems and any technical or technological issues that may have arisen.

Services included in the Service and Maintenance Program:

» Free on-site visit for initial technical inspection and consultation.

» Free consultations regarding the operation and operation of the systems.

» Free consultations on applicable technologies for specific pollution treatment.

»Delivery of original spare parts and consumables.

» Full warranty and non-warranty service with original replacement parts and supplies for the entire life of all Crystal Water products, striving to maintain a wide range of spare parts and accessories available.

» Mobile service with qualified, technical staff specialized in professional maintenance and repair of purification systems.

» Beneficial terms for subscription outside warranty service upon conclusion of a subscription support contract, with periodicity of visits every 6 months.

We adhere strictly to the following policies:

We are well aware that environmental protection is one of the most important issues worldwide. Therefore, our products meet the highest requirements for environmental friendliness.

Environmental care is one of Crystal Water's commitments. For this purpose we have a contract with specialized companies for organizing separate collection and recovery of the waste generated by us.

Professional installation and commissioning. Safety from the start!

Starting from the technical inspection visit, we agree with you the installation schedule as soon as possible. All installation and adjustment work is done with original quality materials and tools. The systems are then subjected to extensive functional checks and tests, which are documented in the Installation Protocol.

Service planning and support

A very important element of our work is delivery, installation and maintenance planning.

We have developed work schedules for maintaining and replacing filters and supplies for each system, whether sold or leased, under warranty or beyond warranty.

We also pay attention to the better organization of the delivery of systems, spare parts and consumables, updating of service information, operating instructions and more.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is performed to prevent possible system damage, unplanned downtime or the risk of hazardous operation. The system of planned preventive measures aims at detecting future failures in a timely manner, as well as replacing or repairing preventive elements. Maintenance consists in replacing consumables and / or checking the functioning of certain nodes in the systems.

We strive to do this in the most efficient way possible, while keeping you informed.

Preventive maintenance extends product life and prevents accidents.

With the help of our support management software, you are informed about the maintenance schedule, supplies and costs that accompany this process.

Emergency maintenance and repairs

Emergency maintenance is performed once as a result of failure of the cleaning or softening system. It consists in repairing or replacing the corresponding damaged element in order to restore its operability. The team of technicians has the necessary diagnostic equipment, tools and spare parts to help solve any problems that occur in the fastest and most efficient way! When you need a repair service, you can count on getting it from us quickly and with excellent quality!

Specialist advice

Very often when choosing an equipment or system for water purification or softening, you are hesitant whether you have chosen the most suitable model, whether it will fully meet our expectations, whether there is something better within the set budget, how the installation would look, are there any obstacles to installing the systems where you expect them to be? These and many more questions can be answered by our specialist on site visits.

Choosing the right system or equipment and specifying how to install it is always the smartest decision before you make the decision to buy or rent.

Trust our experts who will consult you professionally to make the right choice.

Call 088 Waterbg (+359 88 928 3724) for more details on your system maintenance schedule.