Booster pump UP-7000 |24V DC w/o Transf. |1 LPM

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    Puricom booster pumps are one of the most famous brands on the market. They are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards.

    Pumps for reverse osmosis systems are very efficient,quiet and are designed for many years of maintenance-free operation. They are used when the inlet pressure is less than 2.8 bar. The pumps increase the pressure and provide better efficiency for any RO system.

    Highly resistant diaphragm pump UP-7000 (for RO systems from 35 GPD to 100 GPD)

    Power supply: 24 VDC

    Power consumption: 25 W

    Maximum flow rate: 1 LPM (0.26 GPM) at 3 bar (45 PSI)

    Rated speed: 550 ~ 600 rpm

    Maximum working pressure: 5.5 bar (80 PSI)

    Max Inlet Pressure: 4.2 bar (60 PSI)

    Max. Outlet Pressure: 8.4 bar (120 PSI)

    Inlet water temp .: 5 ~ 45 ° C

    Award: 1/4 "Tube Dimensions: 173mm x 72mm x 103mm

    Weight: 1.8 kg

    Certificate: CE

    Manufacturer: IonFilter / Puricom Europe
    Option: 24VDC power transformer

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