Essential Oil Refresh 10ml|Stadler Form

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    Manufactured in Switzerland

    100% pure essential oil



    Refresh-100% Pure Essential Oil Blended in the Switzerland


    Air filled with a fine, gentle and refreshing aroma of lemon and rosemary.


    Essential oil Refresh invigorates the senses and creates a positive mood.

    The 100% pure essential oil blend Refresh has a pleasantly refreshing citrus scent and is manufactured from high-quality plant essences in Switzerland.

    The essential oils originate from ecologically sustainable production, are not tested on animals and contain no synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens.

    Each bottle of the essential oil Refresh has been filled by hand by the TRANSfair Foundation.

    • • Made from high quality natural ingredients

    • • Ingredients: Limone, Rosemary oil, etc.

    • • 100% pure essential oil for ambient fragrancing

    • • Ideal for aroma diffusers and humidifiers

    • • Does not contain synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens

    • • Dosage 2-3 drops

    • • Made in Switzerland

    • • Hand-bottled in Switzerland

    • • Packaging: 10 ml glass bottle

    Dimensions 22 x 69 x 22 mm
    Packing Dimensions 45 x 80 x 45 mm
    Weight 0.3 kg
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    certifications CE
    Origin Switzerland
    Manufacturer Stadel Form

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