Sediment Filter 9 3/4 ”polypropylene fiber filter, 1 micron

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    Type: disposable
    Material: Polypropylene fibers
    Filtration: 1 micron
    Operating temperature: 4ºC ~ 80ºC
    Max. flow rate: 300 L / h
    Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
    Pressure drop: 0.8 bar / 80 kpa
    Outer diameter: 63 mm
    Inner diameter: 28 mm
    Length: 254 mm
    Weight: 170 g
    Manufacturer: GreenFilter | Puricom Europe

    Polypropylene fiber sediment (mechanical) filters provide deep purification. Remove particulate matter: sand, rust, moth, and other water soluble solids.
    They provide a high flow rate due to their large cleaning surface. They are used for pre-treatment of water in water treatment systems prior to softening installations or as water filtration for residential or pipeline and plant protection industries.
    Mechanical filters made of polypropylene fibers are more effective when applied sequentially with different degrees of filtration.

    The value in microns indicates the minimum size of particles that are able to hold.

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