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    Hygiene Tabs: Keep humidifiers hygienically clean

    • • The Hygiene Tabs™ are an alternative to the Water Cube.
    • • Hygiene Tabs™ from Stadler Form ensure perfect water hygiene in your humidifier and in your air washer. Our specially developed tabs manufactured in Switzerland dissolve without trace in water and start working immediately – without giving off any odour at all. The ingredients remain active even if you add fresh water daily, with 1 hygiene tab guaranteeing hygienically clean water for two weeks.
    • • Easy to use: Just add one tablet to the water tank or water container of your humidifier or air washer every two weeks and fill up with water. And that’s it: the hygiene tab will then dissolve without trace and enrich the indoor air with hygienically clean water.
    • • Product of Switzerland: Durgol – the Swiss cleaning product specialist – developed the hygiene tabs specially for Stadler Form. What is more, the unique hygiene tabs are manufactured in Switzerland.
    • • Good environmental compatibility: Hygiene Tabs are biodegradable. They break down naturally, without leaving any residue harmful to humans, animals, or nature.
    • • Biodegradable
    • • Contents: 10 tabl.
    • • Hygiene Tabs - The Swiss Original from Durgol®.
    • • Healthy humidity: Hygiene tabs ensure healthy humidity throughout the year, guaranteeing optimally humidified and hygienic air for you and your loved ones.


    • • To ensure perfect hygiene, we recommend adding a new tablet every time you clean your device or every 2 weeks at the latest. If your device has a water tank, put the tablet directly into the tank and wait until it has dissolved before closing the lid; if your device doesn’t have a water tank, put the tablet into the water container. Instead of evaporating, the ingredients in Hygiene Tabs remain in the device until they are flushed out during a deep clean or are used up.
    • • Note Stadler Form Hygiene Tabs do not have a descaling action. We recommend our special product «Stadler Form Cleaner & Descaler» for that.
    Stadler Form Hygiene Tabs

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