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    Carbon Block CTO (Chlorine, Taste and Odor) Cartridge 

    Filtering media: Еxtruded activated carbon
    End caps and housing: Polypropylene
    Net: polypropylene.
    Internal diameter: 28 mm
    External diameter: 72 mm
    Length: 508 mm
    Weight: 250 gr
    Efficiency: 95 %
    Max. pressure: 6 bar
    Max. Flow: 480 L/h
    Max. differential pressure: 5 bar / 500 kpa at 21 ºC
    Max. recommended differential pressure: 2.5 bar / 250 kpa
    Operating temperature: 4ºC ~ 60ºC
    Max. differential pressure: 0.8 bar / 80 kpa
    Max. temperature: 60ºC / 149 ºF

    The Carbon Block CTO is made from high quality carbon in a "block" construction.

    The structural design provides a high chemical absorption rate.

    Reduces Cloudiness, VOCs, Chlorine, Organic Chemicals, Unnatural Tastes and Odors found in tap water.

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