Sediment filter melt blown polypropylene|20”|50μ|GreenFilter

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    Filtering media: melt blown polypropylene
    Efficiency: 95 %
    Max. temperature: 65 ºC / 149 ºF
    Max. recommended differential pressure: 2.5 bar / 250 kpa

    Max. differential pressure: 5 bar / 500 kpa at 21 ºC
    Max. pressure: 6 bar
    Operating temperature: 4ºC ~ 65ºC

    Max. flow rate, L / h: 4 600
    External diameter: 64 mm
    Internal diameter: 28 mm
    Length: 508 mm
    Weight: 220 
    Manufacturer: GreenFilter | Puricom Europe

    Sedimentary (mechanical) filters of pressed porous polypropylene provide deep purification. Remove particulate matter: sand, rust, moth, and other water soluble substances.

    They are used for the pre-treatment of water in water treatment systems prior to softening installations or as water filtration for homes or pipeline and equipment protection industries.
    The value in microns indicates the minimum particle size that is able to hold.



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