ZIP (Zero Installation Purifier) Plug&Play RO System

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    Zero Installation

    Remineraliser Filter

    ZIP = Zero Installation Purifier 


    ZIP is a compact water purifying system developed by IonFilter that does not require installation, connection to water supply or sewage systems.

    • Zero Waste Purifier: Innovative Encapsulated Reverse Osmosis Membrane without Waste Water.

    • Plug & Play: 100% tested and ready to use. All you have to do is switch on.

    • LED Light interface: Simple user interface assembled into a single button with LEDs for system status, processes and warning for need to replace filters

    • DIY Maintenance Design: FT-type quick connecting filters for quick, easy and hygienic replacement without tools (no need to consult a specialist). Tanks can be easily removed and cleaned

    • Eco-Friendly: Quality materials, 100% recyclable, FDA compatible ABS and PP

    • Stylish design, compact size

    • pH increaser Post Carbon In-Line Filter

    • Built-in pump

    • Safe (24V)

    • Fully automatic mode

    ZIP is designed as a compact and mobile water purifying system and is used anywhere with no access to water or clean water:

    • Houses and apartments

    • Shops, offices, shopping centers

    • Small offices and studios

    • Hospitals, clinics

    • Fitness rooms

    • Health centers

    • Schools, colleges, universities

    • Kindergartens

    • Hotels, restaurants, cafes

    • Defense and the Armed Forces

    • TIR

    For the fans of

    • Hunting / Fishing

    • Camping

    • Caravans

    ZIP: Description of the filtration:

    Stage 1:Sediment Filter FT-82 IonFilter

    5 micron sediment filter. Removes coarse particles and rust. Made of 100% pure polypropylene fibers. Useful life: 6 ~ 12 months

    Stage 2:GAC NSF Carbon Filter FT-92 IonFilter

    Carbon filter with NSF Calgon Carbon. Removes up to 99% of chlorine and organic chemicals, odors, organic pollutants, pesticides and herbicides. Made of granular activated carbon. Improves the taste of water. Useful life: 12 months

    Stage 3 : RO Membrane 75 GPD Capsulated IonFilter

    Semi-permeable membrane composed of thin layers of composite film (TFC) capable of processing up to 283 liters per day. It mechanically removes lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrites, nitrates, selenium and over 99% of bacteria. NSF certified. Useful life: 24 ~ 36 months

    Stage 4: Remineralized Post Carbon Filter IonFilter

    Special remineralization filter for PH-normalization. Contains 40% Calcite, 40% Carbon, 20% Corosex. It prevents the development of bacteria and microorganisms and adsorbs chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, sodium, asbestos, lead, benzene, radon, dissolved trichloromethane compounds, volatile organic chemicals (such as pesticides and herbicides) and many other organic chemicals. Eliminates bad odors and improves water taste. Useful life: 6 months


           CE-mark     NSF Logo   logo-aqua-es

    Water source Cold tap water: 4 ~ 40 °C
    Cold Water No
    Hot Water No
    Ambient water Yes
    RO Membrane Green Filter 75 GPD Encapsulated type
    Booster Pump Diaphragm pump UP-7000; Flow: 1.0 LPM;Max. inlet pressure: 4.2 bar ; Max. working pressure: 8 bar; Power supply: 24 Vdc; Max. consumption: 25 W
    Advantages and Functionality
    Specification • Zero Installation Purifier •Zero Waste Water • Plug & Play • LED light interface • FT-type filters • Encapsulated RO membrane Green Filter • DIY maintenance • Auto shut off • pH increaser postfilter
    Stage 1 FT-82 Sediment Filter FT-type, 5 microns; Service life: 6-12 months
    Stage 2 FT-83 PreCarbont Filter FT-type, Service life: 12 months
    Stage 3 Capsulated RO membrane GreenFilter 75 GPD (/285 L/Day), Service life: 24-36 months
    Stage 4 Remineralizer and Ph-Increaser Post Carbon Fine Filter GreenFilter, Service life: 12 months
    Dimensions W=25.00 cm /D= 38.30 cm / H=41.50 cm
    Packing Dimensions 45 см х 31 см х 48 см
    Weight 12 kg
    Reservoir capacity • Tap water: 4.0 L • Pure water: 2.0 L
    Еnergy consumption 28 W
    Productivity 75 GPD (285 L/Day)
    Inlet Water Temperature 4 ~ 40 °C
    Certificates, Origin, Warranty
    certifications CE, NSF Components
    Origin Spain
    Guarantee 2 years
    Manufacturer IonFilter

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